What Indiana Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

Continuing education

What Indiana Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

Continuing education requirements for realtors varies from state to state and complying with those requirements means you will be able to renew your license. In Indiana, the Professional Licensing Agency handles all licenses and has requirements for realtor continuing education courses.

Renewing an Indiana Broker’s License

Brokers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education each year for three years in order to renew their licenses. Courses must be completed between July 1 and June 30 each year and are required for both active and unassigned brokers. Referral and inactive licenses do not have this requirement.

Managing Broker Continuing Education

There is a mandatory Managing Broker Course that managing brokers are required to take each year as part of the 12-hour continuing education requirement. Electives may be chosen as the remaining eight-hour requirement.

Post Licensing Requirements in Indiana

If a broker was licensed on July 1, 2014, or afterward, he or she is required to complete 30 hours of continuing education courses within a two-year period of receiving the initial license. Because it is important to have a well-rounded education in the real estate business in order to better serve your clients, these courses are helpful.

Continuing education

Continuing education classes make answering questions easier.

What You Will Find in the 30-Hour Education Courses

This includes six hours of Indiana real estate transactions, which covers the unauthorized practice of law, contracts, listing and purchase agreements, offers and counteroffers and the closing process. The required six-hour course of study in finance covers lending, financing markets and credit scoring. A 10-hour course of study is required in business planning/sales and marketing and includes sections on business planning, time management and goal setting and methods of growing a business. The five-hour course in counseling and negotiating skills includes negotiation principles and phases, factors that can affect the negotiation process, how to deal with cultural differences and how to handle difficult people or situations. The one-hour course in cultural diversity and fair housing includes definitions, federal and state laws, blockbusting, protected classes, prohibited practices, diversity and enforcement. The final course counts as two hours and covers construction from site preparation through the construction phase, building inspection and defects and concludes with green building concepts.

Planning Your Realtor Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses are offered in the form of classes and online or correspondence courses. Before signing up for a course, you should ensure that the courses are approved by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Be advised that duplicate courses will not be counted toward the total and that if you take courses over the recommended number, you can not carry those credits over and add them to requirements for the next cycle. Approved courses and providers are listed on the Indiana government website under “continuing education.”

Reinstating a License in Indiana

Reinstating a real estate broker’s license in Indiana is fairly simple if it has been expired for less than three years. In this case, you can renew your license online. If it has been expired for more than three years, you have to take the licensing exam again, fill out the reinstatement application and pay your fee. You also must have taken the 36 hours of continuing education courses within the previous three years.

Realtor Continuing Education Courses Offered by PDH Academy

While some realtors might prefer a classroom setting, many prefer to take their required education courses in their own home, at the office or on the go. PDH Academy offers online and correspondence courses that fulfill your requirements. Upon successful completion, we provide you with your own certificate and send a copy to the Indiana Board. PDH Academy offers courses in multiple states for the convenience of realtors who have multiple licenses. Contact us for more information about what we can do for you.

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