What Maine Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

What Maine Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

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Active Maine realtors who are brokers, associate brokers or designated brokers are required to complete education courses every two years in order to renew a license.This is why it is so important to complete your realtor continuing education on time and comply by doing the required courses and electives. Staying in compliance by doing your studying and exams through correspondence or online courses makes it much easier.

How Many Hours of Courses are Required for Brokers and Designated Brokers in Maine?

The Real Estate Commission requires that all designated brokers and brokers study and successfully pass 21 hours of continuing education that has been approved by the commission. This includes one mandatory three-hour course, “Core Course for Brokers and Associate Brokers-I.” Elective courses may make up the remaining 18 hours required. Licenses can be renewed up to 60 days before the expiration date.

Maine Associate Brokers Education

Associate brokers are required to complete 21 hours of study for license renewal, with the same mandatory course as designated brokers. As with other types of licenses, the additional 18 hours required can be taken in elective courses.

Maine realtors

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Options to Fulfill Your Study Requirements

Classroom courses are taught in various cities such as Bangor, Augusta and Portsmouth on different dates. For those who enjoy this type of learning, that may be a good choice. It gives a course-taker the opportunity to enjoy the classroom atmosphere and perhaps to share classes with friends. However, with busy schedules and unpredictable weather, others may prefer to take their courses by correspondence or online at their own convenience. Those who prefer correspondence courses may choose this option because it’s easy to go back and recheck points that may have been missed or see if answers are correct when quizzing themselves. Online courses are good for anyone, but particularly for those on the go because they can study anywhere and at any time.

Ensuring That Your Courses Are Approved

The Maine Real Estate Commission provides a list of places and dates where you can take classroom study courses and information on remote courses. No matter where you take your courses, you have to get and retain your certificate of completion for four years in the event you are audited. While the Real Estate Commission may take your word for it that you have completed the requirements at the time you renew your license, you may face sanctions if it turns out you didn’t complete the necessary hours of coursework.

Taking Your Realtor Continuing Education Courses Remotely

PDH Academy makes it easy by offering accredited courses for Maine realtor continuing education in your choice of correspondence or online courses. You can contact us for more information, and find out what other benefits online courses offer. We carry 18 hours of elective courses but do not offer the core course for renewal. On the correspondence courses, a score of 85 is necessary in order to pass. We will send you a completion certificate when you have successfully passed, which you should keep for the four-year period required.

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