What New Hampshire Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

What New Hampshire Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

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There are various ways you can take continuing education courses.

As New Hampshire brokers, salespersons and those who want to become realtors know, continuing education courses are required to renew a license every two years from the date of issue of the license. You have a choice in where you take your exams but must have passed a three-hour required core course in New Hampshire and an additional 12 hours of electives. Keeping up with realtor continuing education is important, but there are easier ways to do it than sitting in a classroom.

Core Course for New Hampshire Brokers and Salespersons

This three-hour mandatory course for license renewal in New Hampshire covers all updates on changes in legislation and rules governing realtors. The course is required whether you hold an active license or whether you have let your license become inactive.

New Hampshire Requirements for Submission of Education Requirements

All applicants for relicensing are required to fill out a form. On the form you must include information about the completion of your educational requirements. This includes name, license number address and signature. Listing the completion of your educational requirements requires that you list the name of the program and location, dates and hours successfully completed and the program instructor’s name and signature. New Hampshire is also a reciprocacy state and has agreements with Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Georgia and Tennessee.

New Hampshire realtors

New Hampshire real estate relicensing is every two years.

Your Options Where You Complete Your Course Requirements

The New Hampshire Real Estate Commission allows those seeking licensing or continuing education to study in approved classroom settings or use sites that have been preapproved by the commission for correspondence or online courses. Taking a classroom setting course may be preferred by those who work for a real estate firm that offers these courses, given time constraints. However, correspondence and online courses give you the opportunity to study at your own pace and at home, the office during quiet periods or on the go at any hour.

Why Taking Your Courses Is Better Using Correspondence or an Online Course

While some enjoy the camaraderie of studying and test taking with others, it can be a problem for many people. Some people just freeze up or go blank when faced with an exam, while others find it distracting to be in a room full of people. In addition, some prefer the comfort of a paper edition so that they can look back to review certain points or check answers when quizzing themselves. Online courses are perfect for realtors on the go, since they can study anywhere and at any time.

Why PDH Academy Is a Good Choice for Realtor Continuing Education

PDH Academy offers both correspondence and online courses for New Hampshire realtor continuing education, and provides the support you need if you have questions. Online courses can be accessed with your laptop, Android, iPhone, iPad or tablet from wherever you happen to be and have a few free minutes. This way, you can complete your requirements quickly and easily. Correspondence courses require a grade of 85 percent in order to pass. Contact us for more information to see what works best for you. When you have successfully completed your course, we will send you a completion certificate for each one and report the results to the board. Group discounts are also available.

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