What South Dakota Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

What South Dakota Realtors Should Know About Continuing Education

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Taking continuing education courses is mandatory for realtors.

South Dakota real estate licensees know that continuing education required in order to renew a license. This applies to brokers, broker associates, auctioneers of real estate and property managers as well as residential rental agents. There are different options for completing your course requirements for realtor continuing education, and the way you choose to study can depend on personal preference and how busy your schedule is.

South Dakota Required Hours of Study for License Renewal

All licensees with active licenses must complete 24 hours of study every two years, and 12 hours must consist of required courses. The remaining 12 hours may be taken as electives. Sixty hours of study is required for new broker associates with 30 hours completed during the first licensing cycle and the remaining 30 hours completed during the second cycle. For all licensees, the courses you decide to take to complete your requirements must be approved by the South Dakota Real Estate Commission.

Required Subject Areas for Relicensing in South Dakota

Brokers and broker associates completing required areas of study have a number of subjects to choose from. These include ethics, issues about the environment where it pertains to real estate, the Americans with Disabilities Act, fair housing, contracts and license law, antitrust and brokerage services.

South Dakota Realtors

Keeping up with the latest information helps a realtor make sales.

Choosing Electives to Complete Your South Dakota Requirements

Licensees have a large choice of subjects to choose from in the category of elective subjects to study. If you aren’t savvy about computer operation, you can take courses on basic computer skills or use of computers or calculators in real estate.

Courses in real estate administrative rules and license law, ethics, appraising, marketing procedures, financing, antitrust, taxation and planning that applies to property can be good choices. Other courses dealing with real estate evaluation or market management, brokerage, contracts, mathematics, securities, appraisal or marketing procedures are also allowed. Real property courses on exchange or management may interest some realtors. Portfolio management and estate building are allowed as long as it relates to real estate.

Acceptable land use courses include land development, planning, and zoning. The Americans with Disabilities Act or fair housing, environmental issues and home inspection are acceptable courses.

Choosing a Course Provider

Realtors have their own preferences, and some might choose a classroom setting with other members of their realty team when it comes to studying and test taking to meet the educational requirements. Others might prefer to study using online or correspondence courses. Convenience and available study time are important when deciding. Those who lead busy lives might benefit more from either online or correspondence courses because a few minutes a day, wherever you are, is enough to read through the material.

Realtor Continuing Education for Easier Requirement Completion

PDH Academy can help South Dakota realtors meet their educational requirements through either correspondence or online classes. For correspondence courses, you must get 80 percent of the answers correct. When completed successfully, we report the results to the board for you and give you a completion certificate for each course. Contact us for more information or to sign up for courses. In addition, we offer group discounts and have support for any questions you might have. We also offer courses in realtor continuing education in different states, which makes it easier for those who hold multiple licenses,

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