Thought Leader Series: The 4 Student Styles: Where Do Agents Get Their CE?

Thought Leader Series: The 4 Student Styles: Where Do Agents Get Their CE?

Agents get their CE
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Realtors® are required to continue their education throughout their entire careers. But different real estate licensees get their education in different ways. Read on for some of the most common ways that Realtors® obtain their continued education.

Realtor® Association Education

Do agents get their CE

One of the primary functions of most local Realtor® associations is to provide regular education to their members for free or a reduced price. It is considered a perk of belonging to the association.

Title-, Escrow- and Lender-Provided Education

These Realtor® affiliates are constantly looking for ways to be in front of real estate licensees so they can show the value they add to a transaction. One common way they use is to provide education for Realtors®. Frequently this education comes in the form of one-hour classes provided in offices, and it takes a lot of them to meet most states’ hourly requirements. Most Realtors® use these classes as supplemental to either association-provided content or online education.

Get and Maintain Designations

These are usually for the super-educated learners – the ones who double the hourly requirements for renewing their licenses. You know these people by the long line of initials after their names on their business cards: ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES, GREEN, E-PRO, SRS, SFR, CCIM, CIPS, EIEIO, etc.

Most of the classes for designations require long days that occur in person. Frequently they are two-day courses at eight hours a day. Members of the designations tend to refer clients who are moving out of the area to other agents who share their same designations, so it becomes something of an “in” club.

Online Education (Usually last Minute)

Where do agents get their CE

I attend most of the previous three categories on a regular basis, either because I am putting the class on or want to take the class, so I know who attends. But I never see at least half of the Realtors® in my area at these classes. So either they are cheating and lying to the state agency when they renew their licenses, or they take their courses from an online provider. In many states, the providers are responsible for uploading students’ hours into the system, so it’s impossible to cheat the system.

Online education is often turned to in a last-minute situation. On more than one occasion I’ve heard of an agent who needed his or her hours in the next three days because his or her license needed to be renewed immediately and he or she didn’t yet have the required hours. While one would hope that it doesn’t have to come down to the last minute, it is important to have options for online education when it does.

The above are the most common ways that Realtors® continue to learn about the industry to stay on top of their game.

If you need last-minute education or just want to get a jump-start on your next renewal, check out the courses PDH Real Estate has available for your state. Contact us for more information!

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