6 Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education for Kansas Realtors

Kansas realtors

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education for Kansas Realtors

Kansas realtors know that continuing education courses are required in order to renew a license. Knowing what the requirements are for license renewal makes it easier and ensures that a realtor will not find himself or herself in jeopardy of a lapsed license. Finding an easy way to comply with the real estate education course requirements can let you study on your own time and wherever you wish.

How Many Hours of Continuing Education Are Required for Kansas Realtors?

Real estate licenses are renewed every two years in Kansas. The date for a realtor’s renewal depends on the first letter of that realtor’s last name. It is simple to find out by checking the site for the Kansas Real Estate Commission.

Both licensed brokers and broker salespersons are required to take 12 hours of continuing education, which must be successfully completed before the time for license renewal. If a license is not renewed and stays on inactive status for a period of two or more years, taking courses to place the license back on active status is required. If a license is inactive for more than five years, the license holder must take the exam again.

Kansas realtors

The real estate business keeps brokers and salespersons busy.

What Are the Continuing Education Requirements for Kansas Brokers?

Real estate education core courses for brokers and broker salespersons are different in Kansas. Brokers must successfully complete the three-hour Kansas Salesperson & Broker Core: Brokerage Relationships and Misrepresentation course along with the three-hour Successfully Managing Your Brokerage. The requirements can be completed by adding an additional six hours of electives.

What Are the Education Relicensing Requirements for Kansas Salespersons?

Salespersons are required to take the Kansas Salesperson and Broker Core: Brokerage Relationships and Misrepresentation, while Successfully Managing Your Brokerage can be chosen as an elective but is not required. In addition to the core course, salespersons can complete the requirements by taking nine hours of electives in addition.

Do Newly Licensed Kansas Salespersons Have to Complete Requirements?

The answer to this can depend upon when the salesperson was licensed. Salespersons who have been licensed for a period of five months or less are not required to complete the educational requirement until after the initial license is renewed.

Are There Ways to Take Courses Without Classroom Instruction?

While classroom instruction to complete educational requirements is preferred by some realtors, others prefer to take the courses online or as correspondence courses. Both have their advantages over a classroom setting. Taking a course by correspondence lets you study at your leisure and check back to earlier pages to reinforce what you’ve learned. Others may prefer online study because it can be accomplished from anywhere and lets you use your laptop, tablet or a mobile device whenever you have a few free minutes.

What’d the Difference Between Taking Online or Correspondence Courses for Kansas Real Estate Education?

PDH Academy offers both correspondence and online course so that Kansas realtors may complete their education requirements to be relicensed in the way that they prefer. Courses may be chosen and completed on an individual basis or as a group package that covers all the requirements for relicensing as set forth by the Kansas Real Estate Commission. Once you have successfully completed a course, a certificate will be sent to you that shows this. Contact us for more information or to enroll for a course.

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