6 Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education for Vermont Realtors

Vermont realtors

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education for Vermont Realtors

As realtors know in Vermont, continuing education is required for relicensing or to reestablish a realtor license that has become inactive. Knowing what the requirements for Vermont brokers and salespersons are and taking the right core courses help avoid a lapse in licensure. Some of the most commonly asked questions about realtor continuing education follow, along with ways to comply conveniently with the education requirements.

What Are the Educational Relicensing Requirements for Brokers in Vermont?

Brokers must complete 24 hours of education before the renewal date every two years. Four hours of the 24 is in a mandatory course, while the remaining 20 hours can be chosen as electives.

Are the Relicensing Educational Requirements for Salespersons Different Than for Brokers?

Salespersons also are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education. The requirements are the same as they are for brokers with four hours of a mandatory course and the remaining hours chosen as electives. The requirements must be completed by the time of license renewal.

Vermont realtors

Completing education requirements is necessary for a realtor renew a license.

When is a Real Estate License Renewed in Vermont?

Real estate licenses are renewed every two years in the state of Vermont. Licensees are notified six weeks before the expiration date. In addition, licensees can go to the lookup page on the Secretary of State of Vermont website to check that the renewal date is correct.

What Does the Mandatory Four-Hour Course Cover?

The mandatory course covers Vermont real estate regulations, laws and cases. The first part covers 2014 changes in administrative rules and public and agency protection. The second part covers changes in Title 26 VSA Chapter 4. The third part focuses on disciplinary decisions by the Vermont Real Estate Commission. Part four includes updates on Vermont cases and laws, and the fifth part is a review of federal rules and laws, including mortgage disclosures and flood insurance.

How is an Inactive License Renewed?

Licenses that have expired for a period of under five years require 20 hours of education completed in the previous two years, paying a late penalty and the renewal fee. A licensee who had requested that a license be inactivated may reinstate the license by paying the renewal fee, reinstatement fee and showing proof that the educational requirement was completed within the previous two years.

How Are the Education Classes Offered?

Education courses may be taken in a classroom setting or by correspondence or online courses that are through companies or services preapproved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission.
While a classroom setting can be convenient when offered by the licensee’s realty company, many licensees prefer taking correspondence or online courses. Distance learning lets licensees study at their own pace and any place or time, whether using handy booklets or studying online with a laptop, iPad, iPod, tablet or other device.

Study Realtor Continuing Education at Your Leisure

PDH Academy lets a licensee choose courses to complete the realtor continuing education requirement set by the VREC with both correspondence and online courses. No final exam is needed, and when the course of study is completed, we send a certificate of completion to the licensee and notify the board. PDH does not offer the core course required by the VREC, but fulfills the elective course requirements. Contact us for more information to see how easy studying is with PDH Academy.

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