8 Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education for Washington Realtors

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing Education for Washington Realtors

Washington realtors

Renewing your realtor license in time avoids lapses.

Washington realtors need to have the latest information on continuing education to renew their licenses when the time comes. Those with inactive licenses also need to know what is required to reactivate a license. This, along with information on how to complete those educational requirements easily, can be an important consideration. Following are some commonly asked questions to help you prepare, including information on real estate training online.

How many hours of continuing education courses are required for Washington realtors?

Renewals for those with active licenses are 30 hours every two years, unless the applicant is renewing for the first time. This applies to both brokers and salespersons.

How many hours are required for a first-time real estate license renewal?

Licensees renewing for the first time are required to have 30 hours in advanced practices, 20 hours in real estate law and an additional 20 hours in continuing education. This includes a three-hour core course.

Is there a timeline for completing the education courses?

First-time licensees may begin studying for relicensing after receiving the initial license. Other realtors and salespersons must complete at least 15 hours of study before relicensing. Up to 15 unused credits that were completed before a new period of licensing may be carried over to the next renewal.

Washington realtors

Continuing education keeps a realtor up-to-date on changes in the law.

Do brokers and salespersons have to take a core course for relicensing?

Of the 30 hours of study, all brokers and salespersons must take the three-hour core course. Electives may be chosen as the remaining 27 hours.

When is a realtor license renewed in Washington?

All realtor licenses expire two years from the date of issue. Educational and other requirements must be met by this date in order to renew a license. A new fingerprint submission is required every six years. If you did not receive a renewal notice or lost it, you can complete a license renewal application, and mail it to the Washington State Department of Licensing.

How can an inactive Washington real estate license be reinstated?

Inactive licenses can be reinstated in Washington. However, whether a realtor or salesperson owes education at the time of reactivation depends on how long the license has been inactive.

How are education courses offered?

Courses can be taken through live lectures, correspondence or online courses that have been preapproved. Correspondence courses and real estate training online have the advantage of letting a licensee study in any location and at times that are the most convenient.

Can PDH Academy fulfill the requirements for real estate training online?

PDH Academy offers both correspondence and online courses that complete the Washington real estate education requirements for relicensing. We report the results of each exam to the Washington Board and supply you with a certificate of completion for your files, which you should keep in the event of an audit. A grade of 70 percent is required in order to pass.You may choose from either correspondence courses in the form of booklets or online courses. Courses offered online can be accessed using a tablet, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device. We also offer discounts for groups, the discount depending on the size of the group, and offer courses in multiple states. To enroll or find out more, contact us for more information.

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