Expert Interview Series: Troy Golden of Golden Group CRE on Starting a Career in Commercial Real Estate

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Expert Interview Series: Troy Golden of Golden Group CRE on Starting a Career in Commercial Real Estate

Troy Golden is President of Golden Group Real Estate and is a nationally recognized Chicago commercial real estate expert. We recently asked Troy what advice he’d offer – ¬†from good habits to develop to resources to tap into – to those aspiring to enter commercial real estate. Here’s what he had to say:

To what do you attribute your success in corporate real estate?

I attribute my success in corporate real estate to regular, diligent calling on sales prospects and to blogging.

What have been the most surprising or most difficult lessons you’ve had to learn since you started your career?

Only check your email three times a day. Send only critical emails during workday. Do not respond to frivolous emails. Empty your inbox before you leave work.

What advice can you offer others interested in corporate real estate? What sort of training has been essential to your career?

CCIM and SIOR offer great training. Those interested in entering corporate real estate should join an experienced team with active accounts.

What topics or subject areas do you wish more of those in commercial real estate would focus on?

More in commercial real estate should focus on financial analysis.

What are the most common mistakes you see other agents making?

Many agents fail to qualify clients and properties before a tour, frustrating all involved.

What do you think are good habits that those in commercial real estate should develop? What are bad habits they should kick?

Minimize time on social-networking sites. Set aside time once every three months to add online connections and update your profiles. When you are working from home by yourself, wear work clothes. Collect data in a systematic manner which allows you to build upon previous work. Never “multi-task.”

What are the biggest challenges facing those in commercial real estate today?

Commercial real estate is a leading indicator of the larger economy. The biggest challenge facing those in commercial real estate is always a recession or a potential recession.

What tools or resources do you recommend commercial real estate agents take advantage of to make their jobs easier?

Trade associations (CCIM, SIOR) and CoStar are excellent tools for commercial real estate agents.

What commercial real estate trends are you following today?

Open office space, increased efficiency at the work place.

Get more of Troy’s expertise on commercial real estate on his blog.

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