How to Get Started in a North Dakota Real Estate Career

North Dakota realestate

How to Get Started in a North Dakota Real Estate Career

Are you looking to build a name for yourself as a North Dakota real estate professional? In order to complete these steps, you will find yourself in contact with the North Dakota Real Estate Commission. It handles everything from licensing to regulating the industry within the state. If you want to get started with a career in real estate, follow these steps to ensure that you can get started quickly.

1. Basic Real Estate Salesperson Requirements

In order to work as a real estate salesperson in North Dakota, you must be 18 years old. Additionally, you must have a reputation for professional business practices. You may be asked to have a real estate broker vouch for your trustworthiness, and you may undergo a criminal background check and credit check. You must also not have had your real estate license revoked in any state within the last two years.

2. Educational Requirements for Real Estate Salespersons

After completing 45 hours of approved pre-licensing education, you are eligible to sit for the real estate exam. These classes cover topics related to finance, real estate law, and techniques for selling homes. By the time you complete these courses, you should be prepared to complete real estate transactions.

3. North Dakota Real Estate Examination

Only applicants who pass the real estate exams are eligible to receive the license. You may be eligible to take the exam before you finish the educational portion of the requirements, but you will not be licensed until you have done both. If you pass the exam, you can send in your application and it will be approved.

North Dakota real estate

Completing post-licensure education ensures that you can help your clients find the homes that best suit their needs.

4. Complete Post-Licensure Education

Within one year of receiving your North Dakota real estate license, you are required to complete an additional 15 hours of post-license education. After this, licenses are issued for periods of up to two years. The renewal fee is typically the same as the initial licensing fee. Completing these courses ensures that you are always up to date.

5. Become a Broker

If you wish to become a real estate broker, you will be required to have worked as a real estate salesperson for at least two years. This requirement is typically only waived in specific circumstances where additional educational hours have been earned.

Real estate does not have to be a difficult avenue to explore. Contact us for more information about the continuing education requirements for becoming a real estate professional.

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