How to Get Started in a South Dakota Real Estate Career

South Dakota Real Estate

How to Get Started in a South Dakota Real Estate Career

Beginning a career as a real estate professional in South Dakota can be quite rewarding. In order to work in the industry, you must begin as a real estate broker associate. The South Dakota Real Estate Commission is in charge of state licensing for the industry. In order to begin working in the real estate industry, you must follow these steps.

Basic Real Estate Requirements in South Dakota

In order to become a real estate broker associate in South Dakota, you must be at least 18 years old. You may also be asked to complete a criminal background check. The South Dakota Real Estate Commission has full discretion in allowing people to have licenses.

Pre-License Real Estate Education

In order to receive your real estate license, you must complete 116 hours of education at an approved institution, either online or in the classroom. These classes cover topics like real estate ethics, fair housing, and legal topics.

Pass the Real Estate Exam

In order to pass the real estate exam, you must score at least 75 percent. The exam is typically administered via computer at a testing center. You must sign up to take the examination in advance, and you must also pay an examination fee to the testing company. This fee is not refundable.

Apply for a Broker Associate License

If you pass the real estate exam, you have 60 days to apply for your real estate broker associate license. If you fail to apply within this time limit, you will be asked to retake the exam again. These licenses are valid for two years at a time. When you apply, you must submit a fee as well as proof that you meet the requirements to become a broker associate.

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With the proper broker associate license, you will be able to meet the needs of each client.

Complete Post-License Education

If you are a new broker associate, you must complete post-license education requirements in order to renew your license after two years is up. This education is designed to build on principles learned in pre-licensing courses. New broker associates must complete 60 hours of education. There are rules regarding when these courses must be taken.

Fulfill Continuing Education Requirements

In order to renew an active license, all broker associates must finish 24 hours of education every two years. Half of the course hours must be spent on core requirements. Courses may cover topics such as fair housing regulations, property leasing, and real estate law. The courses you take must have been approved by the South Dakota Real Estate Commission.

Continuing education allows you to fully understand and keep up with the real estate industry. Contact us for more information about meeting continuing education requirements in South Dakota.

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