9 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Stay Social Media Savvy

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9 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Stay Social Media Savvy

Every real estate agent is busy, and yet so many still take time out of the day to update social media websites. Does it seem counter-intuitive? It shouldn’t. Social media is an essential component for every real estate agent’s business, and you need to carve out a chunk of time if you want to experience true success. These tips will help you stay savvy on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Twitter Tips for Real Estate Agents

Twitter is one of the most useful social media websites for real estate agents because it allows you to read, reply, and retweet in a matter of minutes.

1. Pay attention to breaking news, which often makes its way to Twitter first. Share stories pertinent to the neighborhoods you cover.

2. Share Tweets on other social media platforms easily with Twitter. You can connect your account to other websites you use to streamline the process, saving you precious time.

3. Do not fear the hashtag. These tags can help you share information with people who may not be following you already. Think of hashtags as search terms or keywords.

4. Provide helpful tips about finding the perfect house, moving into a new house, and storing belongings. This gets you noticed and allows you to reach out with more than advertisements.

Real Estate Blogging Tips

Maintaining a blog allows you to share what you know about the real estate industry. It also allows you to share opinions and connect with clients, past, present, and future.

5. Share your experiences. It pays to not look or appear robotic in the way you sell homes. The more personal experience you can put out there, the more clients may be willing to connect with you. Just make sure to keep it professional.

6. Use local keywords. These help you reach out to a relevant audience rather than one that is generic and unable to actually utilize your services. Instead of using keywords such as “buying a house,” use keywords like “buying a house in Los Angeles.”

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Of course, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media websites out there. To not have a business or professional page is to lack a web presence. Don’t let the features Facebook offers go to waste.

7. Use images that engage a casual reader. Facebook is all about visuals. Make your page professional but interesting with unique visuals that represent your neighborhood or town accurately.

8. Engage with your audience. Once you have your reader’s attention, keep it. Ask questions of your audience, and respond to comments as they appear.

YouTube Channels for Realtors

YouTube is a terrific channel for real estate agents because it can reach such a wide audience. Videos can show off more than the homes you are showcasing; they also help you show off your sparkling personality.

9. Make videos for every listing available, introducing yourself and then providing a short tour. You can also tour your neighborhood on camera, offering your viewers special insight.

Real estate agents

Unique photos of your region can make a difference in the way buyers and sellers see you.

Authenticity & Safety in the Real Estate Industry

Of course, there are other concerns every real estate agent has. For instance, real estate agents should be concerned with social media guidelines. If your broker has limitations for how you interact with the Internet, make sure to follow them to the letter.

Finally, develop a voice that is totally authentic. People want to read something that sounds as if it was written by a person. Feel free to be breezy and funny if it is in fitting with your personality.

Want to learn more about staying social media savvy? Want to learn more about staying relevant in the real estate industry? Contact us for more information about courses that will help you.

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