Despite Tech Advances, Millennials Still Count on Real Estate Agents

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Despite Tech Advances, Millennials Still Count on Real Estate Agents

Everybody who hasn’t spent too much time looking at their phones lately realizes that millennials are growing up. Millennials are becoming homeowners, and they need your help. You might think that millennials are out of range because of their desire to seek out technological tools, but your role as a real estate agent is actually still vital in the searching process.

Millennials Are Not Turning Away from Real Estate Agents

This may come as a surprise, but the advancements in technology have only made real estate agents more important to millennial buyers. In fact, nearly two-thirds of millennials confirmed that they would not buy a home without the assistance of an agent. Your role as a real estate agent is to figure out how you can best appeal to the needs of millennials in your community.

Millennials Need Help with the Home Selection Process

Even millennials know that digital resources can only do so much for helping them select a home. They want to look at photos and take digital tours, but they also want to see the homes. Millennials need help understanding which features of a home are most important, and you can fill this role.

Millennials Lack Experience

Millennials are aware that they do not have the same understanding of the process of buying a house. These are first-time buyers who have never filled out the necessary paperwork to purchase a home and may not be familiar with the financial details.

Millennials Have Different Demands

One of the biggest demands of millennial home buyers is that they want quick contact. You may find that outreach is much more important with your younger clients. For this reason, many real estate agents begin to incorporate text messaging into their contact practices.

Reputation is Important among Millennials

The rise of social networking and business rating websites indicates that millennials care about reputation. Your reviews are important, but so are your interactions with other clients. One study suggested that about 50% of millennials will rely on information from friends and relatives about a real estate agent. This where performing real estate services honestly and creating a trustworthy atmosphere is important.

Real estate

Millennials are moving in. Are you equipped to help them?

Incorporate Technology into your Pitch

Instead of relying on open houses to view potential homes, millennials are more interested in using mobile apps and pictures online to determine if they are serious about buying a home.

Overall, your goal is to provide millennials with an environment they feel they can trust. Part of this requires you to become or remain technologically savvy. One of the best ways to do this is to maintain your continuing education requirements. Contact us for more information about real estate courses in your area.

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