What New York Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Continuing Education

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What New York Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Continuing Education

If you are a real estate agent operating out of New York or you are still contemplating your career choice, you need to understand the realtor continuing education requirements. Educational requirements differ from state to state, and New York has specific guidelines for course hours and topics. Not sure about your state’s continuing education requirements? This is what you need to know.

Initial Education Requirements for New York Realtors

In order to become a real estate salesperson, you must initially take a 75-hour course and pass an exam. This process is followed by receiving your license and working alongside a broker to learn about real estate sales. After you receive your license you are not off the hook. Continuing education requirements await.

New York Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

In order to maintain your real estate license, you must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education credits within the licensing period. Certain courses are mandatory for New York real estate agents. For instance, all real estate agents are required to take three hours of education in fair housing and anti-discrimination training. You may also be required to take a class pertaining to real estate law.

If you are in your first renewal session as a real estate salesperson, you may be required to take additional courses. You must complete the real estate continuing education courses within the period of time in which you are meant to renew.

New York Real Estate Memberships

If you have a real estate membership in New York, you may have additional requirements to abide by. In many cases, memberships require you to take courses related to ethics in the real estate industry. This allows you to retain membership that helps you attract clients.

Costs of Realtor Continuing Education Courses

When you take courses with PDH Real Estate, you can choose to purchase a bundle or individual courses. Bundles allow you to pay for an entire renewal or initial license easily. Individual courses may cost as little as $29 each through PDH Real Estate.

Real estate agents

With ongoing education in the real estate industry, you can give yourself the career boost you need to feel confident with clients.

Courses Available

Are you still considering real estate courses in New York? A wide variety of courses is available to real estate sales agents in your state. Popular courses include Fair Housing Made Easy, Real Estate Ethics, Antitrust and Misrepresentation, Green Housing Essentials, and Real Estate Agent Safety.

The benefits of these courses are numerous, especially if you are already a practicing real estate agent. These courses are intended to keep you up to date with current knowledge so that you remain an expert in the real estate industry. In staying educated, you are a more trustworthy and knowledgeable choice for a potential buyer or seller.

Are you looking for new ways to stay up to date with New York real estate continuing education requirements? Contact us for more information about your options.

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