6 Great Gifts for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents

6 Great Gifts for Real Estate Agents

If you love a real estate agent, you know that shopping for holiday gifts can be a difficult endeavor. How can you pass on the gift of productivity to the real estate agent who appears to have it all? The truth is that some presents really do make this job easier. Not sure what to buy for somebody you care about? This guide will help you pick the perfect gift.

1. Tablet

Real estate agents may use their tablets every day, and that wear and tear can make it much more difficult to complete work. With a tablet, a real estate agent can check emails, look at maps, and even edit listings. In reality, tablets are a necessity for those times when a smartphone just isn’t big enough to do the job.

2. On-the-Go Travel Mug

If you know somebody who is always on the go from showing to showing, a travel mug will allow them to enjoy their coffee no matter how many stops are on the way. A mug can be personalized just for that someone special in your life.

3. Portable Phone Charger

When you are a real estate agent on the go, a portable phone charger can become your best friend. When your phone battery is low, you do not always have access to a charger. In fact, real estate agents may not have access to power outlets when they are showing homes. Portable phone chargers can actually be placed in a pocket or purse during a showing or open house.

Real estate agents

From travel mugs to outdoor wear, real estate agents require a lot of gear to keep them going.

4. Phone Camera Lens

Real estate agents take photos for their listing websites, but sometimes a professional camera is not immediately available to capture some of the details. Being able to snap a small camera lens to your phone in a pinch can be extremely helpful.

5. Standing Desk

Real estate agents often spend a good amount of time in the office sorting through paperwork and creating listings, yet many find it difficult to sit all day. A standing desk that can transition to a sitting desk is a fantastic gift for the real estate agent who hates to spend the day sitting in a chair.

6. Business Card Case

Real estate agents carry business cards anywhere. If you want to receive referrals, you have to. A sophisticated case will help send the message of professionalism.

Finally, consider the fact that real estate agents have to take continuing education courses in order to continue practicing in the industry. Paying for continuing education can be an amazingly helpful gift for that someone special. Contact us for more information about required courses in the real estate industry.

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