Forget Photoshop: 4 Free Graphic Design Tools for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents

Forget Photoshop: 4 Free Graphic Design Tools for Real Estate Agents

When you make a listing on your real estate website, photos can make all the difference. Whether you want to edit images for your home listings or you are interested in content marketing, you need to be able to post images efficiently and in an attractive manner. Bad pictures can actually drive away clients. These graphic design tools will help you create amazing images for your real estate business.


Pablo is a free tool that you do not even have to log in to use, making it a great choice for efficiency. Pablo is a great tool to use if you want to add headlines and titles to your images or you want to create Instagram photos with fun quotes about a location or house.

One of the best features about Pablo is that it offers a variety of images and fonts that are pre-saved. You can use them to create social media pictures and promotional materials. From Pablo, you can also have images downloaded for your website.


Canva is a free tool that looks as professional as any other and for a variety of purposes. Canva is a great tool for creating book or pamphlet covers in addition to editing photos to post on social media or your real estate blog. In addition to editing photos for quality, you can also add a fun element to them and provide them with some personality. Many templates are totally free, but you can choose to pay for certain options.


PicMonkey is possibly one of the most user-friendly options for editing photos. You can remove shadows and adjust colors with this tool, and you can also take those edited photos and turn them into social media posts or even postcards. Think your photos are boring? You can add a border or frame along with some fun text. You can even use PicMonkey to spruce up your real estate headshot.

Real estate agents

Ten years ago, you might not have realized how easily you could one day edit your photos from your smartphone.


If you like to screenshot listings for Instagram and other social media sites, Skitch will be your new favorite tool for photos. With the resource, you will be able to highlight parts of the image or draw arrows to important elements. You can also take notes and add text to your images. If you create PDF pamphlets or listing books, you can also use Skitch to highlight parts you want your clients to take notice of. Best of all, you can use it with your phone.

So many free tools are available to real estate agents, meaning you might not need to resort to expensive software like Photoshop. You also do not need to hire a designer to handle your web content images. With just a few minutes each day, you can work toward building your web presence.

Do you want to find more tools that will help you in the process of becoming a real estate powerhouse on the web? Contact us for more information about taking courses in the real estate industry online.

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