How Real Estate Agents Can Make the Most of the Holiday Season Slowdown

Real estate market

How Real Estate Agents Can Make the Most of the Holiday Season Slowdown

Every real estate agent understands the ebb and flow of the market. As the holidays roll around each year in December, real estate sales tend to slow. While it may at first seem that December will be a total wash for a real estate agent, it is important not to be short-sighted. Real estate agents can still make the most out of the holiday season to become organized and prepare for the busier seasons. This guide will help you take advantage of a slow month.

Review Spring Listings

This is a fantastic time to create write-ups for houses that will be coming onto the market early in the year. You are bound to be busy as the new year begins, so getting a leg up will help you stay on track when these houses actually become available. You can gather photos and create templates or even schedule listings so that they post automatically when they are ready.

Handle Snowbirds

If you live somewhere like Arizona where snowbirds come for the winter, you may have properties to manage. Some snowbirds may still come down to buy and sell properties during the cold months, giving you more time to devote to these clients when business is slow. This allows you to cater to their needs thoroughly.

Catch Up with Older Leads

Because nearly one-third of sellers recommend their real estate agents at least three times after the transaction, keeping in touch is important. Sending a simple text message or e-mail is a great way to catch up with clients and to receive feedback.

This is also a great time to update your contacts. If people have moved or you have lost touch with business contacts, it might be time to remove them from your lists. This makes your search for contacts much more efficient.

Holiday cards provide an excellent reminder of your business. Sending out cards a couple weeks in advance reminds clients and potential clients not only that you exist, but also that they can recommend you to friends and family members. Plus, it’s a very nice personal touch for the holiday season.

Real estate market

Creating a real estate plan for the winter takes structure and organization.

Set Up a Marketing Plan

If you have plenty of time on your hands, why not write up a few newsletters you will send out weekly or bi-monthly? When it is time to send out your newsletters, all you will need to do is update your contacts and press ‘Send.’

Your blog could also use some updates during this time, right? The slow months of winter offer the perfect time to perform research and write at least outlines for upcoming blog posts. You will never have a week without blog posts again. Got plenty of post ideas already? Try giving them a boost with some basic search engine optimization tweaks.

The holiday season is a time for family and fun, but your business need not suffer simply because the season is slow. There are many productive ways to stay afloat. In fact, you might even consider fulfilling some of those continuing education requirements to stay ahead of the game. Contact us for more information about courses in your state.

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