5 Apps Real Estate Agents Should Install Right Now

Real estate agents

5 Apps Real Estate Agents Should Install Right Now

The world of real estate places great significance on technology, and it’s for a good reason. Real estate agents benefit from using their smartphones to make connections with potential buyers and sellers. With millennials becoming more prominent buyers in the market, they are also becoming real estate agents who are more familiar with technology than those of the past. This means that all real estate agents need to keep up with new smartphone apps. Not sure where to start? Here are a few options that all real estate agents should consider.

1. CamScanner

CamScanner is an app for your smartphone that uses only the camera of your phone to scan documents and pictures. You can then convert the images to PDFs, crop them, and use auto-enhance. This is good news for every real estate agent because it means that you do not have to run back to the office each time you want to scan a new document. Plus, the images look just as crisp and clear as other documents. You can also share the documents on the Cloud so that other agents and brokers can see them.

2. 10MinRealty

It is important that real estate agents should be able to manage their listings as well as who can see them. An app like 10MinRealty comes in handy for this reason. When you want to connect quickly with agents and buyers, it is much easier with a smartphone. When people want to see a home, they can submit a request you can approve or deny.

3. Google Maps

What’s more embarrassing than getting lost on the way to a home? Not much, if you are a real estate agent. With Google Maps, you will never find yourself lost on the road. Directions are read out loud to you while you drive, and you can even see an image of the address to ensure you are at the right house.

Real estate agents

4. HyperLapse

Do you strive to create time lapse videos that look crisp and polished? HyperLapse can help you do this. In creating these videos of 20 seconds or less, you can show off a neighborhood or tell the world how successful your last open house was. You can also easily share these videos with those who follow you on social media platforms.

5. Facebook

There is absolutely no substitute for having a prominent social media presence. Facebook remains one of the best ways Internet users can reach out to each other, and real estate agents can take full advantage of this. With Facebook, you can share your agency’s blog posts or even complete listings. This also allows your followers to easily share information with their friends.

Are you struggling to find more time? Are you trying to be more productive? These smartphone apps could be the key. Understanding how to use technology to your advantage is just the beginning. Learn more about how to keep up with the fast-paced world of real estate with continuing education courses. Contact us for more information about these real estate courses.

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