How Snapchat is Being Used to Sell $6 Million NYC Apartments

How Snapchat is Being Used to Sell $6 Million NYC Apartments

If you have used social media in your real estate work before, you realize the power that smartphone apps can have in the industry. Snapchat is emerging as one of the most popular apps used by real estate agents recently, and it’s for a good reason. Did you know that Snapchat has already been used to sell luxury New York City apartments? What is to be learned from these huge sales? Plenty about social media, that’s for sure.

Snapchat Helps Buyers Keep Up

How many times have you heard a buyer mention that they lost out on a fantastic opportunity? With a connection to real estate agents through Snapchat, videos are instantaneous. No longer is it as easy to miss out on a great apartment or home, especially when you can announce that you will be posting videos on other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Snapchat Can Reach New People Easily

Want to reach out to people who are not otherwise looking at real estate listings? Snapchat and similar social media websites allow you to do this. Friends can also direct other friends to your videos and photos. This means you need to make them attractive and appealing to the younger audience that tends to use Snapchat. Even when people do not use Facebook or Instagram, they may check in on Snapchat. When people do this, they often view all Snapchat user stories at once. This means that your followers do not necessarily even need to click on your name to see your photos and videos.

Snapchat Makes it Less Scary to Connect

Buyers may feel safer getting in touch via social media rather than via email or by phone. For millennials who have never had experience purchasing a home, Snapchat is a familiar setting that allows some comfort.

Reach Out with Expensive Listings, but Offer Diversity

The truth is that people love to look at luxury, but most leads will come from properties that millennials can afford. In creating a range of listings through Snapchat and other social media websites, you are inviting more potential buyers into your circle.

Real estate agents

Who knew that a platform for selfies would one day help to lead a real estate revolution?

Snapchat Allows for Personality

With this smartphone app, you have the opportunity to show off your personality, which gives you an advantage beyond writing the typical listing. It’s especially great if you are younger or have a quirky appeal to a younger audience. You can build authority by sharing your listings and open houses.

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