Why Real Estate Agents Should Embrace – Not Fear – Robots Right Now

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Why Real Estate Agents Should Embrace – Not Fear – Robots Right Now

When you hear the word “automation,” how does it make you feel? If you are like many workers all around the United States, it might make you feel a bit intimidated. Do you envision yourself working alongside robots in the future? Do you think a computer could do your job? Real estate agents have been wondering this exact same thing. The truth is that automation could actually be helpful for real estate agents. In fact, it might even be helping you already. You may find that automation does not necessarily indicate a loss of jobs for real estate agents but rather an increase in productivity.

Robots May Enhance, Not Displace Real Estate Agents

Some experts, including the professionals at Zillow, suggest that computers and robots will enhance the real estate professional’s role, not replace it. Technology provides us with more information than we ever thought we would have access to. For instance, computers can tell a seller how many potential buyers are interested in the home based on data it receives. They can also act as a liaison between the real estate agent and seller, making it easier to get in touch quickly.

Computers Can Make Accurate Real Estate Predictions

When you use accurate data, you can easily make predictions about the wants and needs of your buyers and sellers. Predictions will help you make better decisions for your real estate firm and your career, allowing you to make better decisions in terms of your continuing education courses and niche. If data tells you that green housing is on the rise, for example, you will be able to make better decisions regarding this niche.

Computers Offer Affordable Ways to Move Forward

Technology is becoming increasingly affordable. In fact, more than one quarter of real estate agents spent at least $500 on technology within the last year. This technology includes everything from tablets and smartphones to digital cameras and security cameras.

Chatbots Encourage Communication

With the help of chatbots, you will soon find yourself with the ability to reach out to clients before you even realize that they are interested parties. Upon noticing that a visitor is spending some time on your real estate website, a little box will pop up to prompt communication. This box can provide an introduction or some information about you to the potential client. It can offer help and use keyword recognition to help identify what the client is looking for.

Real estate agents

Could a computer type your next email to a potential real estate client?

Voice Activation Allows Real Estate Agents to Multi-Task

Virtual assistants can be activated by voice, and they are now situated in devices like your smartphone. Speech recognition devices like Siri and Alexa can help you complete functions with the sound of your voice. Some devices now have the ability to turn on lights, turn down volume on music, or turn off your television. In fact, many will even tell you the weather if you ask.

It is not uncommon for real estate agents to find themselves fearful of the future. In fact, this happens in almost any career field. Changes in the industry are always potentially life-altering. Learning to adapt is possible and has been done time and time again. Contact us for more information about adapting to the changes that the real estate industry may encounter.

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