How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Maine

Real estate Maine

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Maine

Becoming a real estate agent in Maine is a multi-step process that begins with fulfilling educational requirements. Real estate agents are offered plenty of freedom in their work, which is actually one of the major factors people consider when coming into this field. You may have more control over your schedule, and you may have more earning potential in this field than in another. There are many other reasons to consider becoming a real estate agent, including the desire to help fellow Maine residents move into their dream homes. This guide will help you become a Main real estate agent in just a few steps.

1. Meet Basic Real Estate Requirements

There are just two basic requirements you must meet in order to pursue a real estate career. In Maine, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school education or its equivalent. If you do not have your high school diploma, you should complete the process of obtaining its equivalent before taking your pre-licensing course.

You must also pass a criminal record check, which you are responsible for paying for. The cost of this check is $21 and is payable when you apply for your license. Having a criminal conviction in your background does not necessarily mean that you are unable to pursue a real estate career. The board reviewing your license application will take several factors into account, including the severity of the offense and how long ago it occurred. Overall, the committee must believe you to be a trustworthy and honest individual.

2. Complete a Sales Agent Pre-License Course

First, you must complete a 55-hour course with a grade of 75% or higher. This course will include all the information you need to begin operating as a real estate agent, offering you a sense of preparedness. The course will help you operate as a real estate sales agent in Maine, helping you become acquainted with the laws and practices associated with selling and buying homes.

The sales agent course is typically the best preparation for the real estate examination. The courses may be taken online or in a classroom setting depending on which method of learning fits in with your schedule best. The cost of these courses will differ from school to school, and you must ensure that the school you choose is accredited and accepted by Maine’s Real Estate Commission.

3. Pass the Real Estate Exam

All real estate examinations in Maine are given through Pearson Vue. You must make a reservation for your exam either by phone or through the Pearson Vue website. When you arrive at the testing center, you must bring your certificate of course completion, which is valid for one year after you pass the course. The test is administered in Bangor and Westbrook, so you may need to make additional arrangements if you live further away from a testing center.

In order to receive your real estate license, you must pass the exam with a score of 75% or higher. Your test will be administered via computer, so you can receive your score immediately and know if you have passed right away. Additionally, you must pass the exam within a year of completing the real estate pre-licensing course. If a year has passed, you may be required to take the course again.

4. Submit a Real Estate Application

The Maine Real Estate Commission handles all real estate license applications. The application and licensing fee is $121, which is not refundable. This includes the fee for the application, license, and background check. Checks should be payable through the Maine State Treasurer. You must submit your application within one year of passing the real estate examination.

Ensure that you fill out the real estate sales application accurately and thoroughly. You also must include your original examination results and certificate of course completion. Additionally, you must be sure that you are completely honest when you fill out the paperwork. Inadequate information may lead to a delay in the processing of your application.

It is also essential that you are honest about any criminal background you may have. The committee is going to find out about your history during the background check, and your application may be declined if you have lied about your history. If you are honest, your prior convictions may not necessarily hold you back. Honesty is the best policy here.

Real estate Maine

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5. Work with a Licensed Real Estate Agency

In order to perform brokerage services in Maine, you must be affiliated with a real estate agency when you are licensed. This allows you to learn how to work as a real estate agent on your own in the future. In exchange for this mentorship, you will be expected to share some of your commission with the brokerage firm in charge.

Finding a real estate agency to work with begins with interviewing and researching potential options. It is wise to look around for the best fit for your personality, scheduling desires, and abilities.

6. Apply for an Associate Broker License

Your real estate sales license is valid for two years. The Sales Agent license is not renewable, so you must then apply for the Associate Broker license, which requires that you have been actively affiliated with a real estate agency for a full 24 months. If you find yourself unable to meet this requirement, you may be able to receive an extension.

In order to be eligible for your Associate Broker license, you must complete 21 hours of continuing education every two years. This includes a three-hour core course and several elective courses. You may use this opportunity to find a niche that you want to focus on in the future.

This where PDH Real Estate comes in. We can help you achieve the next step of the process with our selection of continuing education courses. Contact us for more information about taking courses you are interested in to further your career.

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