How to Make Your Email Signature Sizzle

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How to Make Your Email Signature Sizzle

As a real estate agent, you likely send and receive dozens of emails each day. This means that you need to create an eye-catching and appealing brand. Part of this brand is in the email signature you create. How do you find that perfect balance between an email signature that is too bold or too boring? How do you make it as appealing as possible for potential buyers and sellers to get in touch? This guide will help you create that sizzling email signature that stands out.

Photos Are Tricky

There are pros and cons to adding graphics to your email signature. For instance, your emails could be potentially marked as spam, or people with slow service may not be able to see your graphics if they load slowly. On the other hand, there are benefits to using photos too. For example, your clients are more likely to remember you if they have seen a picture of your face. This personalizes you.

Ultimately, there are a few things to keep in mind if you do use a visual in your email signature. For starters, don’t use an attachment. Your readers will not open it. Second, make sure that you only use it in the initial email you send out. You do not need to include your photo in every email you send.

Link with Care

It’s smart to include a link to your website or page of new listings in your email signature, but make sure that you don’t include too many links. It is more common for your reader to click one link rather than many links, so it is important that you include only one link that speaks to your overall message. Consider this link your call to action at the end of your email inviting the recipient to take charge.

If you opt to include information about upcoming events or recent blog posts, make sure that you change this frequently. The quickest way to lose clients is to appear as if your web presence is outdated.

Real estate agents

Mobile email checking should not get you down. It’s time to tailor your signature for smartphone users.

Email Signatures Should Be Short

Remember that your email signature should be exactly that — a signature. Keep it short and simple including only the basic information — your name, company name, phone number, and website link, for example. If you are frequently using social media, it is totally acceptable to include a link here. Just make sure you do not include unnecessary information. For instance, you will not need to include your email address. Ultimately, no more than four lines is perfect. Like the professionals will tell you, your email signature is not your autobiography.

Guide the Eyes

Building a hierarchy of information and using visual cues, like bolding, italics, and color, can help to create an appealing signature that looks professional yet creative. The more that people check email on their phones, the more you will want to appeal to mobile users as well. Make sure you create a real estate signature that signs on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Of course, being a great real estate agent does not end with crafting the perfect real estate email signature. Continuing education will keep you abreast of real estate trends. PDH Real Estate can help you stay on top of it. Contact us for more information about maintaining your real estate license with helpful courses.

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