6 Things You Can Only Learn with Kansas Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

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6 Things You Can Only Learn with Kansas Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

In order to become a real estate agent in Kansas, you might already know that you need to take two pre-licensing courses. The two 30-hour courses focus on the principles and practice of real estate. This means that upon finishing the courses, you should be experts in real estate concepts. Here is a taste of what you can expect to learn only in your pre-licensing courses:

1. Real Estate Math and Finance Principles

In the Real Estate Principles course, you will learn about basic math in the industry.  Most people not involved in the real estate industry are not as well-acquainted with appraisal and valuation of homes, but you will soon find yourself an expert. The class will also help you learn about finance terms you never gave much thought to. It may even transform the way you handle your personal finances.

2. Water and Air Rights

Have you ever given any thought to who owns the area above and below a house? What are the land owner’s rights to water adjacent to the land? Does a property owner own the air 100 feet above the home? When you work as a real estate agent, you must be prepared with answers to questions just like these.

3. Contracts

Writing contracts is no joke, and the legality of signing and writing contracts is not something real estate agents can dismiss. From listing agreements to lease contracts, you will soon know more than you ever wanted to about real estate contracts. You will be able to interpret the law much better than you did in the past.

4. How to Work with a Broker

Working with a broker is an essential component of working as a real estate agent in Kansas, and there is a lot more to this professional relationship than you might think. These courses will help you learn about proper compensation, how to show listings under a broker, and how to terminate a broker relationship. You learn how to navigate the intricacies of working with a broker or a brokerage firm.

5. Environmental Hazards

Real estate courses cover topics that may influence many of your clients. Unfortunately, environmental hazards are among them. You may find yourself answering questions about fire hazards, landslides, flooding potential, and other emergency situations you might not ever have considered. This education might also make you think again before you buy your next house.

Pre-licensing courses

You can take real estate courses online or in a classroom, allowing you to gather knowledge on your schedule.

6. Selling Stigmatized Properties

If you do not know much about stigmatized properties, you definitely will when you take your pre-licensing courses. These are properties in which events occurred that may discourage future buyers due to stigma. Examples of stigmatized properties may include those in which a homicide occurred, for example. Learning how to sell these properties is important.

The pursuit of knowledge never ends when you work as a real estate agent. In fact, it may only be just the beginning. If you are thinking about a career in real estate, the education offered in Kansas will be helpful. Contact us for more information about continuing education in the real estate industry.

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