6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get More Reviews

Real estate agents

6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get More Reviews

Feedback is an important part of any career, and the real estate industry is no different. When you are doing something right, it helps to know that you are making a difference. When you have done something your clients don’t like, you also want to know what you can do differently in the future. These reviews will help you improve your real estate practice, but the key is to encourage clients to leave them. This guide will help you reach out to clients and receive the feedback your business needs.

1. Ask Clients to Leave Reviews

Although this is the simplest way to receive reviews, it is one that real estate agents often shy away from. It is acceptable to ask your clients to leave reviews on your website, Yelp, and similar forums. Some real estate agents create their own cards to hand out with other material as part of a real estate marketing technique.

2. Make the Significance of Reviews Known

Your clients may not realize how important reviews are to your line of work. It is smart to ask your client if they found you through your online reviews as well as to mention that this is how many of your clients have discovered your services.

3. Personalize Review Requests

A phone call or video email can personalize your request for a review, especially if you drop a line after the transaction is complete. Adding a custom message shows that you took the time to consider the client on a personal basis. It shows that the client is not a faceless means of business to you.

4. Use Social Media

Social media can work to your advantage as a real estate agent, especially because you can share reviews via Facebook and Twitter. Sharing reviews that you enjoy or think will be helpful for other potential clients can be a great reminder to newer clients that you treasure your reviews. It will also remind them to leave reviews of your own.

Real estate agents

When you reach out to clients about reviews, the benefits are overwhelming positive.

5. Incentivize Reviewing

Honoring those who leave reviews with special events or monthly raffles is a great token of your appreciation. You can reward all types of reviews, not simply the most positive. That shows that you value honesty, which in turn will help you gather necessary feedback.

6. Address Concerns and Negative Reviews Quickly

No matter how professionally you conduct yourself, it is possible that you may receive reviews that are not as positive as you would like them to be. Responding to them may actually work in your favor if you do it professionally. Most importantly, it is essential that you take steps to correct any potential issues that might come up again later in the course of your work.

There are so many ways to address the idea of real estate reviews. In fact, reaching out to clients can help to bolster your reputation. There are many other techniques that can strengthen your work as a real estate agent, continuing education course being among them. Contact us for more information about pursuing real estate courses that will boost your career.

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