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How to Get Your Real Estate License in Indiana

Real estate agents in Indiana are required to undergo a series of steps to obtain a real estate license. While these steps will take some to accomplish, the reward is a career that offers an abundance of freedom. Not only do real estate agents set their own hours, but they also earn money based on their experience and skills. This is truly a career path in which you set your own boundaries. This guide will walk you through the process of becoming a real estate agent in Indiana.

Meet Basic Requirements for the Indiana Real Estate License

The general real estate license requirements include that you are at least 18 years old and that the Indiana Real Estate Commission deems your criminal record to be acceptable. You must also have a high school diploma or GED. This will provide an educational foundation that prepares you for real estate education.

You must not have criminal convictions for certain actions, including those that allow the real estate commission to doubt your competence or that allows them to feel that you may endanger the public. You will undergo a background check as part of the application process, and it is important that you are honest about any prior convictions.

Complete 90 Hours of Pre-Licensing Education

Courses approved by the Indiana Real Estate Commission are typically considered to be on the same level as other college courses, but they focus on real estate. The curriculum focuses on real estate knowledge but also ensures that you have all the material necessary to pass Indiana’s real estate exam.

The coursework covers principles, practices, and laws of real estate. In your class, your will learn about everything from basic real estate math to lending practices. You will learn how to read and fill out real estate forms and contracts, and you will also learn best practices for writing real estate listings. Legal aspects of real estate also come into play here.

It is also important to note that real estate pre-licensing courses are available both in a classroom and online. Both types of courses offer their own advantages. For instance, you may find that classroom education is perfect if you are extremely busy and need to work on your own time. Classroom education, on the other hand, offers a different level of engagement that some real estate students find helpful.

Make sure to hold on to your certificate of completion for the coursework. It is required when you sign up to take the salesperson examination, which is the next step in the process.

Pass the Salesperson Examination

The Indiana salesperson exam is administered by Pearson VUE. You can register for the exam online by visiting the website or by calling. At the time you register for the exam you will be asked to pay an examination fee via debit card, credit card, or electronic check.

Many students take test prep course or read test prep books, but oftentimes the coursework and related material are enough preparation for the salesperson exam. This is a choice that you can make for yourself, and test prep is certainly not required.

Testing centers are located throughout Indiana. Make sure to arrive at your testing center about half an hour early to check in and prepare for the exam. In order to check in, you must bring two forms of ID with a valid signature and original verification of your pre-licensing education. One form of ID must include a photo and be government issued, like a state ID card or driver’s license. You will be asked to take a photo for the score report as well.

The test itself is administered on the computer, and you will have a brief period of time in which to learn how to use the computer before the exam begins. The exam includes 130 questions, and you will have four hours to answer each one. The state portion of the exam includes 50 questions, and the remaining 80 will be focused on national real estate practices and principles. The sections will be mixed together, and questions will vary in difficulty.

In order to pass the real estate exam, you must score at least 75 points. If you do not pass one section of the exam, you will have the ability to retake simply that section later on. If you do pass both portions of the exam, you will be given a real estate license application before you leave.

Work with a Real Estate Broker

As part of your first period of time spent as a real estate agent in Indiana, you must work alongside a real estate broker. The broker will offer you with an office to work in, and he or she is going to help you learn more about the real estate industry. You will gain firsthand experience working in the industry and in turn hand over a commission to the supervising broker.

Real estate license

Studying hard for the real estate exam is one step in the process of becoming a real estate agent.

Apply for a Real Estate License

When you submit your real estate license application, you must include the original certificate of completion for your pre-licensing course as well as the original score report from your Indiana real estate exam. You must also pay the application fee. You must submit the real estate license within one year of passing both portions of the real estate exam.

When the board receives your application, you should receive an email discussing steps for completing the background check. You will have your fingerprints taken by Indiana’s chosen company, Identogo. You must go to a fingerprinting center nearby in order for the prints to be valid. Make sure to bring government issued identification as well.

Becoming a real estate agent is not the end of your education. In order to renew your license or to become a real estate broker in Indiana, you must take continuing education courses. These courses are available online. Contact us for more information about real estate education available online.

Real estate agents in Tennessee

5 FAQs for New Real Estate Agents in Tennessee

Real estate agents in Tennessee are faced with a number of new tasks, ranging from license renewal to taking new courses. Just like every other state, Tennessee has its own requirements for obtaining a real estate license. Having questions is totally normal in the process of working on your real estate license, and this guide will help you answer some of the most common ones.

 1. How Do I Renew My Real Estate License in Tennessee?

In order to renew your real estate license, you must complete 16 hours of continuing education. Mandatory Tennessee Real Estate Commission Core classes encompass six of the mandatory hours, and the remaining 10 hours may be electives.

Submitting your renewal application will cost $80. After 60 days, of the grace period, you will also be charged with $50 every 30 days late.

Make sure to complete your coursework before your real estate license expires, which is every two years. If your real estate license becomes inactive because it has not been renewed, you will be unable to practice as a real estate agent. You will need to activate your license again.

2. How Do I Change My Real Estate License Information?

You have the ability to change information, like contact methods and your name, through the online licensing system, CORE. This makes it easy to change your address, your legal name, or your phone number, sometimes without being issued a brand new license.

 3. How Do I Apply for a Real Estate License?

First, you must complete the pre-licensing coursework. The requirements include a 60-hour course in real estate practices and principles. This coursework is meant to prepare you for working in the industry as an associate broker.

You then need to take and pass the Tennessee real estate examination, which also includes the national portion of the exam. You must pass with a score of at least 70%.

Then, you can apply for your real estate license. Submit your application and the application fee to complete the process until you hear back from the real estate commission.

 4. How Do I Become a Real Estate Agent in Tennessee if I Have a License Elsewhere?

Tennessee does not currently have any reciprocity agreements with other states. If you have a real estate license in a different state, you will need to submit a special worksheet and history from the state of your other license. The real estate commission will make a determination of your needs based on this information.

Real estate agents in Tennessee

From small condos to expansive country mansions, Tennessee real estate brokers do it all.

 5. What Happens If I Don’t Pass My Pre-Licensing Exam?

You are required to pass both the national and state portions of the affiliate broker exam in order to work as a real estate professional in Tennessee. If you fail only one section, you need to only retake that one. You will have a certain number of tries and a time limit in which you must pass both sections.

Education is always an important step along the way to becoming a real estate agent or broker. We are here to help facilitate the process. Contact us for more information about preparing yourself for a brand new career in real estate.

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Will Amazon Enter the Real Estate Industry?

If you have been reading the news lately, you have likely heard about Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market, a grocery retailer. It was not long ago that Amazon appeared on the scene to change the book retail industry forever, bringing sales to the web. Could Amazon be preparing to take over the real estate industry as well?

News websites report that Amazon hosted a placeholder web page for shoppers to “Hire a Realtor” for a short time. Shoppers could use a box to type in a zip code to find a broker. Could Amazon be the new competitor to sites like Zillow and Redfin? This remains to be seen, but it does bring up a number of important changes to consider.

How Will Amazon’s Real Estate Operations Work?

At a glance, it would appear that Amazon will be offering its customers the ability to hire real estate agents on the web via a marketplace for professionals of many types. In return to connecting clients and real estate pros, it seems as if Amazon will accept referral fees. Social media websites like Facebook have joined the real estate industry in recent years, so it only makes sense that Amazon wants in on it too.

Amazon already makes it possible to hire an interior designer, electrician, or home inspection agent on the web, so why not real estate agents as well? It is not a strange business move for the company, and it is reasonable to expect that the web retailer will offer a service for those looking to buy and sell homes at reasonable rates.

Real estate industry

Could Amazon change the face of homes for sale in the future? It’s not unreasonable to think so.

Will Amazon Change the Current Face of Real Estate?

It is highly likely that Amazon’s possible new offerings will have an impact on the real estate industry. For one, reports suggest that at least 60 percent of real estate clients have found their agents via personal connections. This number is decreasing over the years, and Amazon could lead to even steeper trends.

People may be more likely to read online reviews and select a real estate agent rather than to ask friends and family members for referrals. One negative review could go further on the web than it could between friends, but so could a positive one.

What Should Real Estate Agents Do to Prepare?

Ultimately, Amazon has removed the placeholder for real estate agents. This does not mean that big changes are not coming for the real estate industry, though. Real estate professionals should take note of changes that might occur in the future and gear up for said changes.

While Amazon is not yet commenting on prospective real estate movements, it is important to consider the direction of your real estate career in a world where retail giants like Amazon are leading the charge. Real estate education is one way to gain a thorough understanding of the industry. Continuing education courses can help real estate agents embrace the coming changes. Contact us for more information about helpful real estate courses.

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Why Your Relationships with Other Real Estate Agents is So Important

When you think about building up relationships as a real estate agent, you probably think about interacting with buyers and sellers. The truth is that many of your interactions are likely to be with other real estate agents as well. The field can be competitive, but this is no reason not to build relationships with your fellow real estate agents. In fact, you may find out that other real estate agents are valuable resources. It may come as a surprise to you that you need to focus on working with other agents, but this guide will show you why this counter-intuitive advice is actually important.

Real Estate Agents Can Bring You Referrals

Referrals for new clients often come from fellow real estate agents in your community. Building relationships with agents with diverse niches can help bring in new business for you. Just make sure to maintain a positive reputation with fellow agents and pursue continuing education to specialize your craft.

Real Estate Agents May Give you Tips about New Listings

When a fellow real estate agent learns about a new listing, you might be on the list of prospective agents with a first chance to take a peek. Even if the listing is not yet on the market, you may have access to it for your own clients thanks to good relationships you have built.

Snatch a Good Deal for Your Future Clients

Have your clients just made an offer on a house on which there are multiple offers on the line? Your good relationship with the listing agent could land your clients the deal of a lifetime. Skipping the line could mean a good reputation for you among clients (and a few referrals to boot).

Get an “In” on a New Niche

If you are breaking into a new niche, you want to have a few friends who can pass on some leads. Building relationships with real estate agents who work in different fields is helpful for this reason. You can trade leads to ensure that your clients receive the best service possible. It also pays to have somebody you can refer to when you have questions about a niche like green housing or vacation homes.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents who socialize build strong connections that may further their careers.

You Need to Build Trust

When you are a new real estate agent, you are most likely working with a real estate broker. You may be working alongside other real estate salespeople. This means that you need to vibe well, building trust. While you are working with the broker and fellow real estate agents, you also need to learn from your team members. You might be sharing commission, but you will be learning valuable lessons and building strong connections with helpful resources.

It may go against the spirit of competition to befriend and trust fellow real estate agents, but you may find that you become a stronger real estate agent when you interact with others. You can also learn essential real estate skills via continuing education courses. Contact us for more information about real estate courses that will help further your career.

Real estate agent in Maine

How to Get Your Real Estate License in Maine

The process of becoming a real estate agent in Maine is relatively straight forward. Becoming a real estate agent in this state requires that you complete several steps, but the rewards may be worth your while. Working in real estate offers a number of benefits, including the ability to set your own schedule or to work in the office of your choice. For so many reasons, real estate offers an enticing career path.

The purpose of this license is to help you build on-the-job experience. This is not a license that you will keep throughout your career. In fact, you can only keep this specific license for two years before you need to qualify for the next license. You will then work as an associate broker with your new license.

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to become a real estate agent in Maine. The process might be much simpler than you think.

Fulfill Basic Real Estate License Requirements

In order to work as a real estate agent, you must be at least 18 and hold a high school diploma. There are also some restrictions regarding criminal offenses in the past. While a criminal offense in your past will not necessarily preclude you from working as a licensed sales agent, certain offenses are not considered acceptable by the real estate commission.

Take and Pass Pre-Licensing Coursework

First, you must take the Sales Agent course and pass with a minimum grade of 75%. The course lasts 55 hours and includes a variety of information that will help you work as a real estate agent. The coursework includes everything you need to know about beginning your career in the real estate industry. Courses can be taken online or in a classroom, and the topics are meant to prepare you for the years ahead.

The coursework required for a sales agent license is not easy, but passing the classes is totally attainable. In these courses, you will learn how to work alongside brokers, write real estate contracts, and value a house. You will learn how to best show houses to clients as well as how to set up open houses for the best possible results. Courses will teach you how to write real estate descriptions so that they are legal and informative, and they also teach you how to avoid common issues like discrimination and ethics concerns.

Also important to note is that this coursework will prepare you for the real estate examination. At the end of your courses, you will take a test that you need to pass to receive your course grade. Then, you will be eligible to take the state and national real estate examinations.

Schedule and Take the Real Estate Examination

Pearson VUE administers the Maine real estate exam, and you can schedule your exam through the website. The exam is held in both Bangor and Westbrook. When you arrive at the testing center, ensure that you bring your certificate of completion for your pre-licensing coursework, which is valid for one year.

You must pass the licensing exam with a minimum score of 75%. If you do not pass the state and national portions of the exam, you are allowed to retake either or both within a certain time frame.

While many students choose to use study materials and even to take a special course geared toward passing the test, many students also feel that the required real estate coursework provides the necessary material for passing the state and national portions.

Partner with a Maine Broker

Your next step is to partner with an agency in Maine. You must be affiliated with this agency for two years, so it is important that you make a good choice. You can interview multiple brokers and visit several agencies to determine which broker will be the best fit for your needs. There is no shame in talking to more than one broker. In fact, it’s smart to have several options to consider.

Your broker is the person who will be supervising you in the future as you participate in your first two years of sales. This person will be your main point of contact in the real estate industry, like a mentor. They will teach you how to operate with clients as well as how to interact with other agents. This person will be your guiding light as you learn the ropes of real estate.

Real estate license in Maine

Real estate agents help to bring dreams of owning a home to life each day.

Complete a Real Estate Sales Application

You are required to apply for a real estate sales agent license within one year of passing your examination. You can do this by filling out the electronic application or by mailing in the paper version. With your application, be sure to send in your application fee, payable to the Maine State Treasurer, as well as your examination results and certificate of course completion.

Along with your real estate application, you also need to include notarized statements from at least three people stating that you are trustworthy, honest, and competent. Your supervising real estate broker also needs to provide a written statement.

During the application process, you will undergo a criminal background check. It is important that you are as honest as possible when you disclose any criminal history. While the original offense may not have been enough to keep you from becoming a real estate sales agent, lying could be the difference between working in real estate and having your application declined.

Pursue Your Future as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate sales agent licenses are not renewable in Maine, so you must work toward qualifying for a license as an associate broker. Continuing education courses are part of the process. You are required to learn more about the business side of working in real estate in addition to learning more about the legal and practical aspects of the industry. All of this knowledge comes together to make you a great Maine real estate agent.

This is where come in, helping you reach the next level of your real estate career. Contact us for more information about real estate continuing education.

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6 Things You Can Only Learn with Missouri Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

If you are considering a career in real estate in Missouri, you have many hours of education ahead of you. The good news is that all these hours of education will prepare you for a rewarding career in the real estate industry. As you complete your required hours of education, you will also be learning unique facets of real estate that the layperson may never know. These are just a few things you will learn on your path to becoming a real estate agent.

1. How to Legally Write Real Estate Listings and Descriptions

Did you know that there is a wrong way to write a real estate listing? Using the wrong terms in a listing could lead to ethical and discriminatory practices, so learning how to write descriptions so that they are deemed legal and ethical.

2. How to Avoid Discrimination in Real Estate Practice

Discrimination is something every real estate agent needs to avoid, from the practice of writing home listings to interactions with buyers and sellers. It is important that you avoid using information like racial demographics and listings geared toward families, for example. You will learn how to use non-discriminatory language in your coursework.

3. Best Practices for Navigating Agency Relationships

When you work alongside a broker or in an agency, you may be experiencing a new type of business relationship. How do you talk to your broker about your concerns? What is your responsibility to the broker you work with? How long are you required to work with a real estate broker in Missouri? These are all questions you can find the answers to in your course.

4. How to Value Properties Accordingly

Determining the value of a property may take more work than you think. The process of taking everything into consideration is not something that you can do without the proper training. With proper guidance, you will learn how to evaluate the right price for the homes you list based on the home and the real estate market.

5. How to Complete a Real Estate Contract

Most people have never written a contract before, but real estate agents have to work with contracts every day. In your pre-licensing courses, you will learn how to complete real estate contracts. You will also learn how to read contracts so that when you deal with documents, they never stump you.

Real estate agents

You could be writing and reading real estate contracts with no problem thanks to online real estate courses.

6. Techniques for Counter-Offers

Real estate transactions are often more like negotiations than straightforward transactions. You may find yourself countering other offers placed on the house and convincing your clients to make a sell. You could also find yourself on the other end, urging sellers to accept or reject offers. Your pre-licensing classes will show you how to do this.

One way to continue learning about the real estate industry is to pursue continuing education courses. You may have to take courses to meet all the requirements for obtaining your real estate license renewal as well. Contact us for more information about taking real estate courses and learning more about your industry

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5 FAQs for New Real Estate Agents in Oregon

Working in Oregon as a real estate broker becomes simple when you understand the steps ahead of you. Whether you’ve been working as a broker for a year or simply considering the process right now, you’re sure to have questions. This guide will answer some of the most common questions so you can get started on the right path.

 1. How Do I Renew My Real Estate License?

After the first time you renew your license, each renewal requires the same procedure. You can renew your real estate license online. Within two years of renewing your license, you must take a required three-hour course in real estate law. You must also take at least 27 hours of continuing education in other real estate topics.

 2. How Do I Renew My Real Estate License for the First Time?

The first time you renew your license is different from other times you renew. Before your license’s expiration date, you must take and pass a three-hour course called Law and Rule. You must also pass a 27-hour course called Broker Advanced Practices. You’ll provide your course information when you log in to the eLicense system.

 3. How Do I Reactivate My Real Estate License?

If your real estate license is inactive there’s no need for additional continuing education requirements. You simply need to meet the continuing education requirements required for a traditional license renewal. You can update your license status through the eLicense website for a $120 fee.

If you have been inactive for at least two years, you’ll need to take and pass a reactivation examination through PSI. You can reactive your license for $75 if you have been inactive for 60 days or longer.

Additionally, you must associate yourself with a business as a broker. You need to find a principal broker to work with in order for your license to be issued.

 4. What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Real Estate License?

In order to become a real estate broker in Oregon, you must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED. You can then register for an account through the eLicense system.

There, you can apply for a broker’s license, which costs $230. In order for your application to be approved, you must complete 150 hours of approved education through a real estate school. Upon completing your education, you will be required to take the broker license exam, which consists of two sections.

Your real estate license is not issued until you undergo fingerprinting and a background check. An exception for the background check is only waived if you have a real estate license in a reciprocal state.

 5. Which States Have Reciprocal Agreements with Oregon?

Oregon has made reciprocal licensing agreements with Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Additionally, Oregon has an agreement with Alberta.

The key to maintaining your Oregon real estate license is education. Contact us for more information about renewing your real estate license with the help of continuing education.