How Do I Renew My Pennsylvania Real Estate License?

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How Do I Renew My Pennsylvania Real Estate License?

If you are a Pennsylvania real estate agent, you are required to renew your license regularly in order to continue working. Without an active license, you are not allowed to participate in real estate transactions like showing homes or completing contracts. If you want to retain your job as an agent in Pennsylvania, you need to understand the license renewal process.

Understand Real Estate Licensing Requirements

License renewals are due on May 31st in even-numbered years. Every two years, you need to make sure that you are meeting continuing education requirements. While this seems simple enough, some real estate agents are caught off guard by the looming renewal date.

The process is now simpler because you can take the required courses online. Online courses make it easy to learn while you are also working in the office or at home. On the other hand, you may find a better learning experience when you study the material in a traditional classroom setting. The choice is up to you.

Complete Continuing Education Requirements

Pennsylvania real estate agents are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education that is approved by the Real Estate Commission. Courses must be taken at an approved school in order for your coursework to count. If you take courses at an unapproved school, you will have to retake the courses elsewhere.

If you are renewing your real estate salesperson license for the first time, you have specific requirements to fulfill. You must first complete the general module, which includes educational topics like zoning, duties of licensees, and environmental concerns.

You must also select either a commercial or residential module as part of your studies. This will help you focus your niche so that you can better serve your clients, whether they are commercial or residential.

Pennsylvania real estate license

Working with a broker gives you a leg up, letting you know how to renew your license in advance.

Receive Notice of License Renewal

You will receive a notice that you need to renew your license from the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission at least two months before your license is due to expire. The notice is typically sent to the employer or broker you where you most recently worked.

Of course, it is important that you obtain your continuing education requirements well in advance of the notice arriving. This gives you ample time to pursue your studies.

If Your License Is Inactive

If your real estate license is currently considered inactive, you must still take 14 hours of continuing education to reactive the license in one renewal period. You must then take another 14 hours of education to renew the license. If your license has been inactive for five years or longer, you must also pass a licensing examination again.

No matter your circumstances, you can focus your studies in the course of renewing your real estate license. You have options in the courses you take, and your coursework allows you to find a niche and subjects you want to hone in on. This is good for you and your clients. Contact us for more information for more information about rel estate courses.

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