7 FAQs for New Real Estate Agents in Missouri

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7 FAQs for New Real Estate Agents in Missouri

The first few months and sometimes even years can be difficult to enjoy with any occupation, but this is especially true for real estate agents. Getting acquainted with your new position is no walk in the park, but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy your time. Becoming used to working as a real estate agent, whether you are still considering the job or are already in the field, takes time.

As you gain experience working as a Missouri real estate agent, you will learn so much. In the meantime, the answers to these frequently asked questions will guide your path.

1. What Does the Missouri Real Estate Commission Do with My Fingerprints?

Every real estate agent in Missouri must submit fingerprints for a background check. The information gleaned from your fingerprints will be stored and compared with MSHP and FBI records. If certain types of criminal convictions, like theft, burglary, or forgery, show up in recent years, the commission may decline your real estate application.

You must be honest about any criminal convictions in your past when you submit your real estate license application. Failing to disclose your history honestly may lead to denial of your application as well.

2. What Are the Requirements for Obtaining a Missouri Real Estate License?

In order to obtain a real estate license in Missouri, you must complete a 48-hour pre-licensing exam before you take the exam. You must also take the national and state real estate examination within six months of fulfilling the coursework obligation. Additionally, you must be willing to be fingerprinted.

3. How Do I Apply to Take the Real Estate Exam?

Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) administers the Missouri real estate agent and broker exams. You can sign up for the exam through the AMP website, which will ask that you provide your full name, address, phone number, birthdate, and social security number. You also need to supply information about the school through which you took the required courses.

Real estate agents

Armed with a solid education, you can provide a discerning buyer with the right information to make a smart decision.

4. What Should I Do if I Move or Change My Name?

If you move and need to notify the Missouri Real Estate Commission of your new address or a name change, you can submit the online application available online. You can submit the application online, by mail, or via fax. You will not receive a new real estate license unless you submit your old license with a non-refundable $25 fee.

5. How Do I Renew My Real Estate License?

Missouri real estate license holders must renew every two years. In order to do this, you must complete at least 12 hours of continuing education during the renewal period. The courses must be approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission. Three hours must be core credit coursework, and the remaining hours may be core or elective courses.

Real estate education is an important part of continuing to work as a real estate agent. Are you looking for more information about earning or renewing your Missouri real estate license? Contact us for more information about pursuing your goals.

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