How to Get Your Real Estate License in South Dakota

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How to Get Your Real Estate License in South Dakota

In order to work as a real estate agent in South Dakota, you must obtain a Broker Associate license through the South Dakota Real Estate Commission. When you obtain your real estate license, you have the ability to set your own schedule and receive compensation based on your success. There are quite a few perks to working in the real estate industry.

Becoming a real estate license does not have to be difficult when you understand the steps. This guide will walk you through the process from beginning to end so that you have a comprehensive grasp of what you are doing.

Meet Basic Broker Associate Requirements

In order to work as a broker associate in South Dakota, you must be at least 18 years old. This education is necessary because the coursework you take will be closer to a college level. You must also be a U.S. citizen or South Dakota resident.

Additionally, you must also submit to a state and federal criminal background check. You will be fingerprinted at an office as part of the process. While a criminal conviction may not necessarily prohibit you from becoming a real estate agent, it may influence the decision of the commission.

Certain crimes are not acceptable according to the commission, especially those that demonstrate that you are a threat to the public. You must also demonstrate that you are financially responsible. The commission is allowed to use its own discretion in determining who may become a real estate agent.

Obtain State-Approved Real Estate Education

Your next step is to obtain 116 hours of pre-licensing education. Pre-licensing education is meant to prepare you to work as a real estate agent. This coursework covers the principles and practice of real estate, laying a strong foundation you can build on in the future.

You have the option to take this course online. This allows you to study on your own timeline. Online classes make it easy to refer to study material and reach out when it is most convenient for you. They also allow you to take care of other commitments, including family and work.

Classroom options do have some benefit for pre-licensing education though. If you value classroom engagement and being able to ask questions in real-time, brick-and-mortar classrooms might be your best bet. You can also build study teams with other future real estate agents.

In order to register for the licensing exam, you must pass the course with a score of 75%. A test held at the end of the class will be the determining factor in whether you are allowed to take the test.

Pass the Real Estate Licensing Exam

Before you can apply for your license, you must pass the South Dakota Real Estate Exam. The exam is held in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, and you must register ahead of time to reserve your spot. You can do this online or via phone.

The exam is administered via computer through Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP). You will be allowed to practice on the computer ahead of time to ensure that you are familiar with how it works. The test is also timed, so make sure that you use this time wisely.

Make sure to arrive at the testing center early with two forms of identification. Both forms of ID should include your name and signature. One ID must have a photo of you. Additionally, your photo will be taken to accompany your score report.

You must pass both portions of the exam: national and state. The national exam includes 100 scored questions and five unscored experimental questions. This portion of the exam is allowed up to 2.5 hours to complete. The scale is scored based on difficulty of the questions, and you must pass with at least 75.

The state portion of the exam consists of 52 questions and five experimental unscored questions. For this portion, you have 1.5 hours to work. Like the national portion of the exam, the state segment is also scaled for a passing score of 75.

Work with a Supervising Real Estate Broker

In order for your real estate application to be approved, you must work with a broker who agrees to be responsible for you. This individual is in charge of showing you how to work as a real estate agent in South Dakota. This is where you will truly get your industry practice.

Once you agree on terms with a broker, he or she must submit a signed request alongside your application. You must work with this broker as part of a long-term commitment to your career, so it is important that you make a smart choice by interviewing several candidates and selecting the best fit.

Send in a Real Estate Application

Within 60 days of receiving notice that you have passed your real estate exam, you must send in your real estate license application. You must fill it out completely and honestly in order for your license to be approved by the real estate commission.

Make sure that you include your application fee with the application. You must also submit your original score report from your real estate exam. You also need to submit proof that you completed your educational requirements.

If your license is approved, you will receive word back within 30 days of submitting the real estate application.

Real estate license in South Dakota

Real estate education can be completed from the comfort of your home office.

Complete Continuing Education Courses

Each licensing period of two years, real estate professionals in South Dakota must complete 24 hours of continuing education. Of these hours, 12 must be in required core subject areas. This education is meant to ensure that you are always up to date with new developments in your career path. Courses are available online and in-person to fulfill your obligation each renewal period.

This is different in the first licensing cycle during which you have your license. You will need to complete 60 hours in this period. This post-licensing coursework ensures that you are well on your way to becoming a successful real estate agent in your first few years on the job.
These courses help to build on real estate principles. We offer a variety of courses to help you stay up to date with your requirements. Contact us for more information about real estate studies.

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