Portland, OR Named Ninth Greenest City in America

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Portland, OR Named Ninth Greenest City in America

When you think about America’s greenest cities, Portland is likely near the top of your list. The Oregon city landed ninth on the list of top 10 green cities in the country, according to Wallethub. Portland is recognized for its efforts geared toward increased sustainability.

Understanding the culture of a city ties into deciding which real estate continuing ed to pursue. As you think about advancing in your career field, take some time to consider how coursework will help you buy and sell homes in Portland. One good way to focus your efforts on the future is to begin studying techniques that will allow you to learn more about sustainability and green living.

 What Oregon Agents Should Know about Portland’s Green Rep

Oregon real estate agents should understand Portland’s reputation as a green city. For instance, despite being a large city, Portland uses more renewable energy than the average for cities around the country. Portland was also the leader of the movement to ban plastic bags from grocery stores. Additionally, a significant proportion of Portland’s population carpools, bikes, or rides public transportation to work or school.

This is not new to Portland either. Since 1971, Portland has been focusing on sustainable living on a big city-basis. Additionally, the city boasts more than 275 parks with thousands of acres of green space. When you understand that these are values the homeowners of Portland take personally, you will be able to represent their interests in the search for a home.

How PDH & Real Estate Continuing Ed Can Help

PDH Continuing education courses are meant to help you become successful as a real estate agent in Oregon. When you stay up-to-date with growing trends and changes in real estate law, you are eliminating many of the challenges associated with working in the industry.

Green Housing Essentials is one course that Portland real estate agents, in particular, will find useful. This course will focus on issues like home inspection needs for green homes, green principles, and certifications that will help you focus on green houses. You will also learn about interior finishes and other elements involved in assisting buyers to choose homes and sellers to market their homes.

Real estate continuing ED

Portland is a gorgeous city, and its green features attract buyers from all over the country.

Real Estate Ethics and Residential Building Red Flags are also great courses conducive to Portland buyers’ interests. These courses will help you pinpoint issues that your clients might have with certain homes early on.

When you renew your real estate license, consider which real estate continuing ed courses will be most useful to you in your state. Oregon real estate agents have their own challenges and benefits, and we understand how needs differ from location to location.

Oregon requires continuing education to fulfill requirements for license renewal. We offer classes catering to Portland’s green emphasis. Contact us for more information about meeting the requirements with coursework.

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