Seattle Real Estate Heating Up: One More Great Reason for Continuing Education

Seattle real estate continuing education

Seattle Real Estate Heating Up: One More Great Reason for Continuing Education

Seattle has been touted as the country’s most promising real estate market for 2018, causing many Washington State real estate agents to take notice. Within the last year, Seattle has experienced a 20 percent increase in median home sales. Additionally, the average price of square footage increased significantly. There is no doubt that Seattle is emerging as a real estate hot spot.

The economic outlook for Seattle is looking good with a high demand for investment in the real estate market. In fact, the median price of a Seattle home right now is $725,000. What is it about Seattle’s real estate market that causes it to top the charts? More importantly, what can you do about it as a real estate agent?

Seattle Welcomes Tech Giants and Entrepreneurs

Seattle is considered to have high productivity with highly expected income growth in the coming years. Additionally, about 12 percent of employees work in STEM-related fields. A relatively high percentage of residents work in computer programming.

Seattle’s ability to offer tech-driven careers and its emphasis on STEM programs attract new buyers looking to make waves with the rest of the city. Finding ways to appeal to these buyers might involve taking courses in green housing and housing technology.

Seattle Is Educated

Seattle’s population includes 17 percent of citizens with graduate or professional degrees and 37 percent of citizens with either associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. As one of the country’s most educated cities, Seattle tends to offer more jobs geared toward those with bachelor’s degrees. Those in search of tech-related employment may embrace Seattle with open arms.

Seattle Has a Growing Population

In the next five years, Seattle is expected to gain nearly 30,000 new residents. It seems that many outsiders look to live in the city, whereas Seattle residents may be looking more toward the outskirts of the hustle and bustle. The demand for homes in the city also grows while the supply has decreased, leading to increased prices.

Additionally, rent is rising quickly, which leads to a desire to buy a home. While home prices are also increasing, those looking to invest in a home for the family will be attracted to buying rather than renting.

Seattle Is Green

The vast majority of Seattle residents have easy access to city parks, meaning that they can walk to one. Buyers want to live near parks, so this gives moving to Seattle a significant selling point. This also gives you an incentive to pursue an education in your industry, especially because green housing is a great topic to understand with emerging technologies.

Washington state real estate continuing education

Seattle is a city with great respect for the environment and eco-friendly ideas. How can you incorporate this into your real estate practice?

 How Real Estate Agents Can Keep Up in 2018

Washington State real estate continuing education helps real estate agents keep up with market changes. Courses like “Current Issues in WA Residential Real Estate” and “Green Housing Essentials” will help you stay on the ball as you continue working in real estate in the coming years.

We provide a variety of courses that will help you work as a Seattle real estate agent now and in the future. You can take classes online to renew your license or to focus on improving your work in the industry. Contact us for more information about the coursework that will benefit you the most.

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