These 5 Real Estate Markets Will Sizzle in 2018

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These 5 Real Estate Markets Will Sizzle in 2018

The everchanging real estate market is based on so many factors that it is hard to imagine it might change scope as 2018 approaches. Everything matters, from home prices and local economies to population trends and household income. Keeping an eye on emerging markets can help you show clients how to make purchases that make a dramatic impact.

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 1. Las Vegas, Nevada

With a median home value of about $236,000, Las Vegas offers a community with predicted sales growth nearing five percent. The city’s growing economy, or at least expectation for it, are expected to turn around the economic downturn. Changes are coming to the glowing horizon as people opt to move to Las Vegas from neighboring states like California thanks to low home prices.

 2. Stockton, California

In previous years, Stockton did not have the best reputation among California cities with its location far from many of the state’s attractions. Today, you can buy a home in Stockton for less than $300,000, much less than you would find in the Bay Area. Predictions for sales and price growth are looking good for the upcoming year. Revitalization may draw new buyers to the area.

 3. Salt Lake City, Utah

Real estate CE in states like Utah is preparing real estate agents for the interest in Salt Lake City homes. Median home prices are leaning toward $360,000, and buyers are loving the low population with the movement of larger corporations to bring in tax revenue and job opportunities.

 4. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte’s median home price is lingering around $325,000, and the value of homes in this area seems to be improving as the years go on. With investors and renovators coming in to make a difference, values are expected to increase quickly. From excellent weather to strong business tax incentives, Charlotte has a lot to offer the discerning buyer. Expectations for employment to blossom are also promising.

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 5. Nashville, Tennessee

Not unlike many other cities on this list, Nashville offers a top-ranking name with excellent median home prices — about $358,000. Listing prices may have increased dramatically over the years, but the population is rising too. Single-family homes in the suburbs are growing in popularity, so demonstrating to buyers that acting quickly will be important here. Nashville is an excellent destination for ambitious buyers.

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