What Is Covered in Washington Real Estate CE Classes?

Real estate continuing education

What Is Covered in Washington Real Estate CE Classes?

As you begin your studies to become a real estate professional or you plan to renew your license in Washington, you must consider which coursework to take. Washington has unique characteristics that make real estate continuing education an integral part of your career.

Washington has rules regarding its real estate brokers and managing brokers and how they renew their licenses. For your first active renewal as a real estate agent, you must complete 90 hours of coursework, including courses in Advanced Practices, Real Estate Law, and other core courses. For subsequent license renewals, you must take at least 30 hours of approved real estate continuing education.

Are you trying to determine which courses to take before you renew your license? This guide will help you figure out exactly what you will learn in your continuing education courses.

Real Estate Ethics

Washington is a forward-thinking, fast-moving state that emphasizes ethical considerations in the real estate industry. A code of ethics already exists in the real estate industry, but you will also learn about general business ethics in this course.

The coursework involved in the classroom will include taking a look at case studies and interpreting concepts presented in ethical guidelines, extending beyond the NAR Code of Ethics. You will learn how real estate boards enforce ethical standards as well as how arbitration and mediation work.

Real Estate Agent Safety

As a real estate broker, you face some unique challenges in the workplace. Depending on where you live, you might encounter some safety issues, especially if many of the homes you work with could be empty for long stretches of time. Coursework helps you perform your job duties safely.

Fair Housing Made Easy

Americans file tens of thousands of housing discrimination cases each year. The Fair Housing Act covers laws related to protected classes in the United States. In this course, you will learn about the protected classes covered by the act as well as how you can avoid violating these laws.

Fair housing in advertising is especially important in the real estate world. Learning how to be compliant with the laws will serve you as a real estate broker or managing broker.

Green Housing Essentials

Washington places great value on sustainability, and this course helps to summarize everything a real estate broker needs to know about green housing as they enter the industry. Not only must you understand green housing as a real estate broker, but you must also understand the motivations and preferences of your clients.

You will also learn more about green certifications, net-zero housing, and other sustainability principles. This course builds on the understanding that “green” is a broad term that has different meanings for different people.

Real estate continuing education

Single-family homes, condominiums, and other types of dwellings are common in Washington. Real estate professionals need to understand how to sell each type of residence.

Broker Management

Whether you are thinking about becoming a managing broker in the future or you simply work with brokers, understanding the challenges they face is essential. In this course, you will learn how to identify real estate niches and analyze the local real estate market.

If you are looking to advance in your real estate career, continuing education is key. Start your training today to seek a future as a real estate professional in Washington.

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