What Will You Learn in South Dakota Real Estate CE Classes?

Real estate CE

What Will You Learn in South Dakota Real Estate CE Classes?

South Dakota’s real estate agents are qualified and trained to handle anything that might come at them. The reason for this is that the state’s real estate agents are required to meet continuing education requirements every renewal period to continue practicing.

Real estate agents in South Dakota must pass 24 hours of real estate continuing education every two years as part of license renewal. Of these credits, 12 must be in core courses, and you must also achieve a score of 80 percent for the coursework to count.

Are you ready to meet all your real estate CE requirements?

Ethics & Fair Housing

South Dakota real estate agents are required to understand legal concepts of fair housing, including current legislation that has been passed. In your coursework, you will learn about the concepts of fair housing and ethics as they apply to sex, race, religion, disability, and national origin.

Ultimately, you must understand how fair housing and ethical issues impact your career. You will also learn what types of problems you may be held liable for as a professional.

Environmental Issues

Not only must South Dakota real estate agents be aware of the environmental impact of housing, but they also must understand the impact affordable housing can have on the environment. Real estate CE focuses on issues like sustainability and green housing issues.

South Dakota has a long history of environmental concerns associated with the housing market. In your coursework, you will develop an understanding of these longstanding issues in addition to concepts like hazard building materials and the significance of specific building locations.

Real Estate Contracts

Real estate contracts may not sound like the most exciting class you can take, but there is undoubtedly a reason why it is considered a core course. You need to be able to read and interpret contracts, mainly because your clients may not be able to do so. They are relying on you to provide accurate information about what documents they are signing.

In addition to interpreting contracts, you might find yourself writing and adjusting contracts to meet the needs of your clients. You might also be working alongside a broker who expects you to understand contracts you have not seen before.

Real estate CE

South Dakota’s beauty is one major selling point for new clients, but your selling point as a real estate agent should be your vast knowledge.

Real Estate Licensing Law

Each state has its own laws regarding real estate licensing, but some standards are common practice. In this course, you will learn how to maintain and keep your real estate license, or perhaps work toward receiving a license to operate as a real estate broker. Without proper knowledge of your state’s laws as they change, you may struggle to renew your license when the time comes.

In addition to learning how to get your license, you may also be focusing on how to keep your license. Real estate is an industry governed by strict laws and ordinances, so coursework will prepare you to obey all regulations.

Pursuing South Dakota Real Estate Continuing Education

Real estate CE is not just an obligation you need to fulfill. With a good education, you can become successful as a South Dakota real estate agent. We work hard to offer you the best arrangement of classes to help you become the real estate agent you want to be. Start your training today!

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