What Will You Learn in Tennessee Real Estate CE Courses?

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What Will You Learn in Tennessee Real Estate CE Courses?

Tennessee real estate agents are required to keep up with real estate CE (continuing education) on a regular basis in order to stay up-to-date with changes and trends in the industry. Fortunately, required coursework and electives are both fascinating and helpful for anybody whose life revolves around real estate.

Since 1951, the Tennessee Real Estate Commission has overseen real estate licensure and registration. The commission seeks to protect the public by ensuring that all real estate professionals are educated and capable of handling industry changes and trials. By taking these courses, you can be sure that you are at the top of your game each renewal period. So, what topics are covered in continuing education?

Double Trouble: Antitrust and Misrepresentation

This course focuses on what the state and federal laws deem antitrust. You will learn about how real estate relates to price fixing, boycotting, and seeing the potential red flags in real estate transactions. Coursework will also show you how to best identify types of misrepresentation, which is a major concern facing real estate professionals today.

Next, you will learn how to identify and better understand issues like negligence and fraud as they relate to antitrust and misrepresentation. Your coursework will focus on demonstrating methods for limiting liability and establishing professional goals and techniques.

Broker Management: Analyzing the Financial Aspects

In this real estate CE course, you will learn about the nitty gritty details behind starting a real estate brokerage in Tennessee. For what expenses must you prepare? What can you expect your annual income to be? In the first year especially, you must be able to navigate your business toward a profit. In this PDH course, you will learn how to do just that.

Residential Building Red Flags

Would you know how to evaluate a building for potential structural damage? Can you determine how much rehabilitation is necessary for a building to be lived in safely? In this course, you will learn about the roles of everybody from the real estate agent to the home inspector in assessing building codes and safety concerns for your clients. You will learn how to correctly identify potential safety issues, estimate maintenance costs, and convey the necessary information to your clients.

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Are you ready to explore all that the state of Tennessee has to offer, from gorgeous real estate to excellent education?

Green Housing Essentials

If you are ready to learn about the principles of sustainability and why customers are so motivated to pursue green housing, Green Housing Essentials is an exciting class to consider. The coursework also discusses the concept of greenwashing, which occurs when companies make environmental claims that may be deceptive or untrue.

This course covers the fundamentals of the energy assessment process, detailing the inner workings of green certifications of organizations like Energy Star. Best of all, you will learn how to incorporate all of this into a sustainable real estate career plan.

Are you excited to begin your real estate education and renew your license? Tennessee is a fantastic place to work as a real estate agent, and the real estate CE courses available are sure to make you a well-rounded real estate professional. Start your training today!

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