Best Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

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Best Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

Real estate professionals are always on the move, and the nature of the job means that being stagnant in technological developments just is not an option. Fortunately, tech developers are staying just as busy as real estate pros, ensuring that new tools come out regularly. With these tools and reliable real estate training, real estate professionals keep their businesses running smoothly no matter where they are.

 Real Estate Touring and Staging Options

Not every potential buyer will be able to make it to an open house, but with 3D tour options through services like Matterport, you can essentially offer a way for clients to tour the house without leaving home. Some websites provide detailed floorplans so that buyers have an in-depth scope.

Additionally, you also have the option to virtually stage a home so that clients have all the visuals they need to make smart decisions.

Real Estate Video Solutions

Youtube has been a critical player in the way real estate agents operate on the web, but organizing videos on the platform is often still a hassle. Thankfully, services are realizing the challenges posed and offer new categories and clean channel pages. Vidcaboodle is one such service, providing a way to organize videos by listings, testimonials, tips, and more.

 Real Estate Live Videos

Real estate training emphasizes the need to communicate clearly with clients, but now clients expect more bang for their buck. Reaching out to a broader audience via live touring capabilities could be the key to snagging younger clientele. Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram all offer ways to broadcast your open house to remote buyers.

Time Management Resources

Time management is a significant issue real estate agents contend with, but new resources help professionals improve efficiency. Hours is just one of many different ways to track precisely how much time you use performing various tasks throughout the day.

 Real Estate Marketing Material Creation

Clean marketing materials used to require a strong graphic designer on staff. Today, real estate professionals can create their own visuals thanks to websites like Canva, DesignBold, and Piktochart. These resources allow you to create visual marketing materials you can use on Facebook, your website, a blog, or even on printed materials like fliers and business cards.

Document Services

It used to be that real estate agents had to meet with buyers and sellers in-person merely to collect signatures, which becomes a painful and time-intensive task when clients live further away or have hectic schedules. With resources like HelloSign, DocuSign, and even Adobe, you can collect signatures from clients that are legally binding.

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Real estate professionals rely on more than their phones to get through the workday.

Real Estate Keyword Planners

Search engine optimization requires that you pay close attention to the words and phrases you incorporate into content. A keyword planner, like KWFinder or Google Keyword Planner, provides you with the best words to use based on search volume and relevance.

Real Estate Education

Online real estate training prepares you to incorporate the best tech tools into the daily management of your business. Are you ready to learn new tricks to help you become the most effective professional possible? Start your training today!

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