4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Join Their Local Chamber of Commerce

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4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Join Their Local Chamber of Commerce

Even new real estate agents know that exposure and networking are the basis of success when you are running a local business. What many real estate agents fail to consider is the impact of joining city-specific organizations, including the local chamber of commerce. Is joining your chamber of commerce the right move for your business? How can you make this move cost-effective?

What Is the Chamber of Commerce?

The chamber of commerce is a local association that works to promote and protect the interests of the local community’s businesses. In return, members of the organization will pay dues. You can often join the chamber of commerce at different levels and price points, and you can choose how much you interact with the community through the organization.

The chamber of commerce typically pushes forward community interests. The organization represents the voice of the business community at large, providing unification.

Reason #1: Become a Participant in the Community

Many real estate agents are tempted to join the chamber of commerce because they want to build name brand association among locals. You will certainly find it advantageous to get your name out there.

One way to get involved with the community is to become a part of fundraising efforts for local schools and organizations. Your business has a lot to gain from demonstrating genuine care for other community members.

Reason #2: Create Networking Opportunities

Opportunities to network with fellow business owners do not necessarily come easily. Cold calling feels like a useless chore, and cold emails often go unanswered.

When you become a member of the chamber of commerce, you may receive free or discounted entries to local conventions and expos. At these events, you have a readymade reason to engage with other business owners in your community.

As a member of the organization, you may also have access to exclusive mailing lists allowing you to directly contact other businesses interested in what you have to offer. With this list, you have a better likelihood of reaching interested parties.

Reason #3: Establish Authority

One of the key components you learn in real estate CE is to establish a sense of authority with your potential clientele. You must show community members that you are an expert in the real estate field, building a strong sense of trust.

Studies show that a high percentage of consumers are more likely to think favorably of businesses if the owners are members of the local chamber of commerce. They are also much more likely to become a client of such a company.

Real estate CE

Establishing authority while remaining open to education from others is crucial for any real estate agent.

Reason #4: Learn from Other Business Owners

Many chambers of commerce host workshops and other opportunities for learning. You can see how other real estate agents build successful businesses, and you can also borrow ideas from firms in other industries. The key is to collaborate with other members of the community.

Whether or not you opt to join your community’s chamber of commerce, you have a lot to consider as your business grows. Education is one such consideration. Real estate CE does more than allow you to renew your license; it also allows you to develop into a more prosperous professional. Start your training today!

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