Arizona Will Permit Online Real Estate License Training Beginning in 2019

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Arizona Will Permit Online Real Estate License Training Beginning in 2019

With news of the passage of Arizona House Bill 2399, prospective real estate agents in this southwestern state can rejoice. Beginning very soon, anyone wishing to become a real estate professional in Arizona will have the opportunity to fulfill their real estate pre-licensing requirements online.

Real estate CE has always been available online, but pre-licensing courses were previously only available in a classroom setting. So, this is great news! Read on to find out how the world of real estate is about to change in the Grand Canyon State.

What Is Changing in Arizona?

Arizona has only allowed classroom instruction for pre-licensing requirements up to this point. With the passage of Bill 2399, Arizonans will be able to attend real estate license courses on the web. This new law allows future real estate agents to fulfill their course requirements easily and on their own schedules.

 What Is Staying the Same in Arizona?

Arizona salesperson education requirements will remain the same in spite of the changes. Salesperson licensing requirements include 90 hours of pre-licensing education. Real estate salespeople must also complete a licensing examination and a contract writing boot camp.

Sales professionals must take 24 hours of CE every two years to renew their state licenses, which is already available online. Continuing education includes courses in agency law, contract law, disclosure, fair housing, and legal issues.

Arizona brokers must complete 90 hours of prelicensing education and maintain a real estate sales license for at least three of the last five years. They must also attend a broker management clinic and complete the state and national licensing exam.

Broker continuing education requires 30 hours of CE every two years. Coursework includes topics in agency law, contract law, broker management, disclosure, fair housing, and legal issues.

What Are the Advantages of Online Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education?

One of the most significant benefits of online education is the opportunity to pursue different topics. Unfortunately, when you are first becoming licensed to sell real estate in Arizona, the curriculum is set. Some of the topics that are included with the program cover title closing, license law, property management, leasing, income analysis, marketing, property ownership rights, building construction, and land development.

Online education gives you the chance to learn from the comfort of your own home, maintaining your routine. The convenience and flexibility of online education are often crucial factors for individuals who go to school while they manage a full-time job. Future real estate agents can continue working while they pursue their license.

Education on the web also allows you to learn in a self-paced environment. Depending on the layout of the class, you may have the opportunity to move at a pace that is more in tune with your schedule and learning preferences.

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Online learning will provide Arizona’s future real estate agents with more opportunities to pursue their passion.

What Can Arizona Future Real Estate Agents Expect?

Beginning in January of 2019, Arizona professionals can pursue real estate pre-licensing education on the web. Future Arizona real estate agents can look forward to taking PDH real estate courses online beginning next year.

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