Tips for Selling Older Homes in the Midst of New Construction

Beautiful entryway of a gray and white house.

Tips for Selling Older Homes in the Midst of New Construction

If you have noticed new construction around the neighborhood, you are not alone. Some areas seem to breed new homes. While this is good news for buyers, clients selling older homes may face difficulties.

Old homes may not stack up against new homes boasting the latest designs in lighting, countertops, appliances, and flooring. Real estate CE can bridge the gap that exists, helping you bring your client’s dreams of selling their homes to light, but so can these helpful tips.

Out with the Outdated

One of the first things your client needs to do is deal with any potentially outdated rooms, especially before taking photos of the home for the listing. These photos can make or break the decision of a potential buyer to come look at a home.

Some of the best updates are the smallest. A coat of paint and new kitchen drawer and cabinet hardware can work wonders for photos on a listing site.

Some updates may require remodeling an entire room of the house. The biggest updates to freshen up older homes include changing the countertops and totally overhauling the bathroom.

Offer Pre-Inspection

Inspection can be a difficult part of the home-buying process. By offering pre-inspection, you are also offering peace of mind to potential buyers. The inspector will provide information about anything the home must have before it can sell.

The HVAC system can be especially tricky to deal with, so having a pre-inspection completed can help buyers make up their minds. Pre-inspection prevents a buyer from asking to have money knocked off your asking price to fix specific issues since you can price it according to the findings.

Get Smart About Smart Technology

One of the biggest benefits to your career may be taking real estate CE about the role smart technology plays in adding value to a home. Depending on the products you install, you may improve the value of the home dramatically.

Besides smart tech, buyers are also looking for eco-friendly homes. Consider updating the home with energy-efficient appliances or even new ways to power the home. Solar energy offers a big incentive to buy your home rather than another.

Build Up the Neighborhood

Sometimes the neighborhood is the biggest selling point of a home. Newly constructed neighborhoods may not have the same infrastructure an older part of town offers. Marketing materials should incorporate everything interesting about the surroundings. Sell this prime location to the buyer.

Construction of a new building.

New construction may be intimidating, but an older home with good bones can still compete.

Lower the Price

If no other tactics seem to work, consider lowering the listing price as an incentive for buyers. Rather than looking at the home as a finished product, those who buy at a lower price can make their own improvements to the home so it suits their needs.

Get Educated

Real estate CE offers an excellent way to update your knowledge about listing those hard-to-sell homes. Each state has different options for education, so choose your state now to get started.

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