6 Best Lockboxes for Your Realty Company

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6 Best Lockboxes for Your Realty Company

Realtors rely on lockboxes for the homes they show. No real estate agent can get by without understanding which lockboxes are desirable when he or she is concerned with home security.

In this guide, you will learn more about the top lockboxes on the market today, as well as some tips for using the lockboxes.

1 – Nu-Set Lockboxes

The Nu-Set 2050 lockbox comes with a detachable lid and weather resistant cover to protect the interior from the elements. You will not notice any rusting or sticking. In addition to high-quality materials, the security features of this box require a key to change the combination. Unfortunately, the box is not large enough to hold a card.

2 – Kingsley Lockboxes

The biggest benefit of this Kingsley Guard-a-Key 70074 lockbox is its rotating hinged design, which can fit up to 10 keys. The shackle design fits most doorknobs, and the body is weather resistant. The intuitive design makes it easy to set codes.

3 – WordLock Lockboxes

Boasting a huge storage capacity, the WordLock KS-052-BKbox is an excellent choice if you want to use the same box for a multi-unit community. The biggest downside of this lockbox is the small window which somebody could break if they wanted to do so.

4 – Kiddie AccessPoint Lockboxes

The Kiddie AccessPoint 0010141 offers quarter-inch thick zinc alloy and a spacious interior that can fit keys and cards. Best of all, you can use an alphabetical code to open the box, which may be easier to remember. The construction is designed for safety, preventing anybody from wedging the door open. With the Kiddie AccessPoint 001404 model, you can set several access codes.

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Lockboxes come in a variety of styles, allowing you to experiment with different options.

5 – Master Lock Lockboxes

The Master Lock 5400D is a versatile choice because it is available for real estate agents on a budget. The durable nature of the lockbox is excellent, but you may be disappointed by the limited storage capacity.

6 – KeyGuard Lockboxes

The Keyguard SL-590 box is large and offers a tough exterior. Inside, you can fit everything from key fobs to cards. Plus, you can mount the lockbox on a wall rather than shackle it to a doorknob. The downside? You have to re-enter the combination to close it.

You might also want to consider the KeyGuard SL-500 as an alternative which is easy to use, durable, and intuitive. The box is also weatherproofed thanks to its tight seal.

Tips for Lockbox Safety

Real estate continuing education addresses the issues of real estate agent safety, but anybody can use a refresher on using the lockbox safely.

First, keep in mind that illumination is critical. The lockbox should always be under a light or a motion sensor light that will deter any potential trespassers from trying to work the lock. Keep in mind you may be better off putting the box somewhere it would expose a potential thief to the street.

Next, make sure you change your lockbox codes frequently to prevent individuals with previous access from continuing to enter homes you are showing.

With real estate continuing education, you can learn more about safety and security when you show homes. Are you ready to learn more? Start your training today!

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