How to Use Video Emails for Real Estate Marketing

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How to Use Video Emails for Real Estate Marketing

Video marketing is becoming one of the most popular means of advertising real estate services, prompting many real estate professionals to take note. Could video marketing enhance the experience of your potential clients? Will it facilitate better responses? With real estate training in marketing, you may find more leads, more replies, and more referrals coming your way.

Video email marketing uses video to convey the meat of the message rather than text. This means you can add more personality to your videos whether you are creating listings or showing clients around the neighborhood.

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

Video marketing is effective because it puts your face on your brand, humanizing you and your staff members. Video also creates a personal message, preventing you from coming off as cold because you can better use tone and body language to emote.

Your clients will also appreciate knowing you put effort into your emails. You are not simply using a template or passing your marketing duties to an assistant. Your clients like knowing the message is coming from you.

Video marketing also allows you to create content with different topics to appeal to potential clients. You can truly make an impact on the viewer.

Tips for Your Video Marketing Practice

One of the best ways to create effective video marketing materials by using many styles of content. You can develop an understanding of what content your clients want by paying attention to the comments and questions people leave for you. You can also create video Q&As, blog post recaps, and advice videos. When you have special offers or events, you can make promotional videos too.

The content you create should be mostly evergreen, meaning that it can be used for years to come. Evergreen videos might include exploration of nearby neighborhoods, interviews with homeowners, and local historical information. You don’t need to sell a listing in every single video.

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Your clients will be delighted to open your marketing emails to find fun, engaging videos.

Next, make sure to bring your style and voice to every video you make. Engaging with your clients and potential clients is crucial. You can be professional without being clinical by offering personality, engaging stories, and personal examples from your career.

The technical aspects are as important to video marketing as the creative ones. For example, you should always shoot videos in wide-screen rather than portrait mode. If you use your phone to film, flip it sideways first. Most people prefer to watch videos in this mode.

You must also pay close attention to the lighting. Your videos should be personable but not unprofessional. Keep the shadows off your face with good lighting.

Finally, consider taking another real estate training course to brush up on marketing techniques for your industry. Training can truly help you take your marketing emails to new levels. Start your training today!

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