How to Write Property Listings that Pop

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How to Write Property Listings that Pop

Whether you are a real estate agent or are looking for a house of your own, you have probably read so many property listings lately that everything runs together. A captivating property listing can make all the difference when you want to appeal to a buyer. These tips help you write listings that truly pop.

Become a Storyteller

Words like “excellent” and “great” are becoming stale in most property listings. In fact, potential clients likely skip right over them. Instead of using generic phrases, bring the property to life.

Take the reader on a virtual tour of the property, pointing out features specifically to set the scene. What will the reader see when they look out the windows? Where will they relax? What will they do in the backyard? Paint the picture with your words.

Use your description to do more than repeat the listing details. Instead, talk about the home’s history, recent renovations, and nearby features and attractions.

Highlight the Home’s Best Features

Buyers want to know about the best features a home has to offer, especially new additions and renovations. For instance, a brand new HVAC system or swimming pool is a big deal that could attract attention to your listing.

You should also highlight special features not found in every home, like a home office or vegetable garden. Most people are looking for laundry rooms, energy-efficient windows, multi-car garages, and storage options. These are attractive features that encourage buyers to look.

Avoid Words that Reduce Selling Price

Certain words and phrases, like “must sell” and “clean,” are sure to make a buyer feel suspicious. Buyers will read the listing and assume something must be wrong with the property.

Here are a few other words to avoid:

  • motivated to sell
  • great value
  • quiet
  • recently painted
  • sold as-is

Buyers read each listing carefully for any reason not to buy a house. Don’t give them one in the description.

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After reading your listing, buyers will be thrilled to check out the house in person and maybe put in an offer.

Price the Listing to Sell

No matter how popular it may seem to list a home at $399,000 rather than $400,000, online listings using this technique lose traffic. Buyers search with zeros rather than nines, so they might miss out on your amazing property. Don’t let one dollar make or break a sale. Price the property to appeal to the most eligible buyers.

Stay Educated About Property Listings

Real estate training is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on property listings and best practices. Courses help you maintain an understanding of the current real estate industry, including how to list your property so it sells at the best price for your clients.

Coursework and experience help you write the best listings for your properties. Want to learn more about listing homes that sell? Real estate courses are available today. Choose your state now!

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