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Our 48-hour Missouri Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Examination Course will help you lay a solid foundation to start your real estate career and covers topics like contract law, listing agreements, real estate finance, closings, Missouri laws and much more. The course will also prepare you for your state exam. You must complete an approved 48-hour course in order to sit for the state exam.

Our 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice course covers practical concepts of real estate required of all applicants for a salesperson license in Missouri. This course maybe be taken before or after the state exam. However, this course must be taken after the 48-hour course.

The Missouri Exam Prep Course will provide additional preparation for your Missouri real estate exam by providing you with over 800 practice questions, including 15 practice quizzes and a simulated final exam. This isn’t required as part of the 72 hours of pre-licensing, but we highly recommend you utilize this course to prepare for your state exam.

We also include our Mold, Radon and Home Inspection courses for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. As a real estate professional, you will no doubt run into issues in all 3 of these areas when assisting your clients. These courses will give you a head start in your new real estate career.

You can enroll in each of courses separately as well.

24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course


Missouri Exam Prep Course


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Three Easy Steps

Here are the 3 easy steps to obtain your Missouri Real Estate Salesperson license:

step 1 Successfully complete an approved 48 hour course

step 2 Pass the state required exam

step 1 Successfully complete an approved 24 hour course. Must be taken after the 48 hour course.

PDH Academy is approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission to offer the 48 hour and 24 hour Salesperson courses required to obtain a license. Click here to view our approvals.

Missouri Real Estate Course Reviews

I thought the course was excellent! As one who was not familiar with this field, I certainly learned a lot and have confidence in starting my path towards owning a successful real estate company. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into the business. Money very well spent.
Chad | Wheatland, MO

Great course I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to use in my new career.
Lawrence | Perryville, MO

I would like to thank you. I am a licensed real estate agent, and this was the best course I ever took. Great support. Thanks again.
Shaniqua | St Charles, MO

One of the best and most interesting online courses I have ever taken. Thanks.
Moses | St Louis, MO

Everything was good and very helpful, for a future career, and also to keep my own home knowledge in top shape. Thank you for your time and training.
Kelly | Lamoni, IA

The course structure was wonderful. The course goes into great detail of absolutely everything. Thank you for providing a wonderful product that can be used for educational purposes, not only in people pursuing a career in real estate, but also in other markets and industries related to the real estate sector in general.
Sherrie | De Kalb, MO

The course was excellent. I feel confident enough to start my new career today. I can’t believe how easy it was to find employment! Thank you for your help.
Desiree | St Louis, MO

Your class is definitely a lot to take in for a beginner, but once you get into it, and if you pay attention, like anything else you will succeed. Thanks again for the knowledge you have shared. I will tell you that I learned a lot from this course.
Latoiya | Kansas City, MO

This course was awesome and overwhelming at the same time for me. I have absolutely no background in any way of what I learned. It opened up my mind and I’m appreciative of that. Loved all that I’ve learned and look forward to exceling and learning more. Eventually I want to open my own company. With all the tools I’ve gained this is now a reality and I look forward to all the future challenges. Thank you! PDH!!
Abdul | St Louis, MO

Very educational and very well presented. Instruction was clear and simple so the student could easily follow along. Thank you for knowledge and education to hopefully succeed in my new career.
Jenni | Potosi, MO

I think PDH Academy provides an exceptional value for the price of the course. The course was very informative and instructive and easy to guide through. With the fantastic exam prep package, this is a deal that should not be overlooked. Thank you for preparing me for my next career.
Danielle | East St Louis, IL

The course was very well done. Everything was explained very thoroughly and very easy to understand. Thank You.
Darnell | Branson, MO

This course is full of a lot of great information. I feel very knowledgeable. I look forward to the future. Thanks again.
Monique | Springfield, MO

I real enjoyed the course and am excited for the future it offers me and my family.
Sajid | Sunset Hills, MO

The team at PDH was great.
Clint | Ferguson, MO

This course is very comprehensive, I honestly thought I knew more than I did being I have done many trades over the years. I feel like I should have taken this year’s ago to help me with other trades. A lot of great info!
Sara Lee | Maplewood, MO

I found the course very informative. There is a lot of material to cover but I feel confident I am ready to start selling houses. I liked the straight forward approach to the lessons and clear descriptions.
Martin | Venice, IL

The course was very well planned out.
David | Mackenzie, MO

Great Course. I enjoyed it from start to finish. I highly recommend this course for any one who wants a career in real estate.
Donna | Kansas City, MO

I found the course to be exceptionally detailed, it covers items in a manner that if one does not have a real estate background they will still benefit a great deal from the course.
Henrietta | Jefferson City, MO

Very informative.
Denzel | Overland Park, MO

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Missouri Pre-License Salesperson Course

Why is your tuition so inexpensive?
In Missouri you also need 12 hours of continuing education every other year to maintain your real estate license.  Our hope is that by providing our students a high-quality pre-licensing course at an affordable price that those students will come back and do their real estate continuing education with us when they renew their license.  You are under no obligation to do that with us, but that is the hope.  Therefore, it’s in our best interest to give you a great experience at an affordable price.

Is there a time limit to take the state exam after I take the 48 hour course?
Yes. You must pass the state exam within 6 months from the time that you complete the 48 hour course.

Do I need to take the 24 hour course after I pass the state exam?
No. You can take the 24 hour course either before or after you take the state exam. However you must successfully complete the 48 hour course before you can begin the 24 hour course. And you must complete both the 48 hour course and 24 hour course in order to receive your license.

Are there any other requirements as part of the application process?
All applicants for a Missouri license are required to be fingerprinted for a Missouri and federal criminal history background check.

Do you offer any classroom Missouri real estate pre-licensing courses?
No. We only offer the salesperson courses online. We do not offer any classroom pre-licensing courses to obtain your Missouri real estate license. We find that most students prefer to complete their education on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Do you provide me a certificate of completion when I finish the pre-licensing course?
Yes, once you complete the course online you will be able to immediately print your certificate.

Does your Missouri pre-licensing real estate course have a timer?
No. Our 48-hour and 24-hour courses do not have a timer. You just need to get through all of the sections at your own pace and pass the online final exam given at the end of the course. No worries, if you don’t pass the online final exam, you can retake it for free.

After I complete my pre-licensing course, do I send my state Missouri real estate salesperson application to you?
No. You will send in your license application to the Missouri Board. The application will have all of the information on where you need to send you application. Here is a link to the Board website.

What is the Pass Guarantee?
Our Pass Guarantee is your assurance that if you do not pass your real estate licensing exam on your first attempt after completing our Exam Prep course, you will be reimbursed for the cost of your exam. See our policies for more info.

What are the e-Books included in the course?
The 2 e-books included are Principles of Real Estate and the Real Estate Math Handbook. Principles of Real Estate Practice is a modern learning tool for the student preparing to enter the real estate business as a licensed professional. It contains the essentials of real estate law, principles, and practices taught in real estate schools and colleges across the country, including all those fundamentals that real estate educators, practicing professionals, national testing services, and state licensing officials agree are necessary for basic competence. Principles of Real Estate Practice is tailored to the needs of the pre-license student. It is designed to: make it easy for students to learn the material; prepare students for numerous career applications; stress practical rather than theoretical, skills and knowledge. The Real Estate Math Handbook gives solutions to the most common math problems faced by real estate professionals.

Where do I login if I already purchased a pre-licensing course?
After you purchased your course you will receive an email with a link and access token to register yourself. To log back in click here and use your email address and password you set up.